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    Plugin category: I don't know

    Suggested name: Door Key/ Key lock

    What I want: To be able to type a command and that lets me click on a door to set it as a locked door that requires a physical key. Then, while holding any object, I could type another command that defines the object in my hand as the key, and I can specify which door it locks. This should also work for all chests and anything that can be opened/closed.

    The keys should be able to be dropped on the ground so others can pick it up, or it could be destroyed in lava or fire.

    Then for the locked container the only way to open it would be to have the physical key in my inventory. If I put the key in my hand and click on the container it should lock or unlock it, and have a message pop-up say "It's now locked/unlocked".

    If I try to open a container that is locked WITHOUT a key, a message should say "Its locked" in red letters.

    EDIT: I thought that there should be a command that makes the container always locked, and you have to have the key to look inside. That way somebody who has a key can get into it without other getting in.

    Ideas for commands:
    /setlock <name> <------ This should have a pop-up say "Right click on object to set lock" and then I should be able to click and set the lock.
    /deletelock <name> <------ Have a pop-up say "Right click to remove lock"
    /setkey <object name> <------ This should change the name of the object to "Key for <object name>".
    /deletekey <---- This should remove the key info from the object but not delete the object.
    /info <----- This should allow me to click on a door/chest/etc and get the name of it and how many keys for it are in existence.
    /ignorelock <------- This should be for OPs and lets them bypass the locked container without a key.
    EDIT: /togglealwayslocked <----- This makes the container always locked so the only person that can access it is the person with the key

    Ideas for permissions:
    PluginName. ignorelock

    When I'd like it by: In a week or two please. If you guys could make this that would be awesome :D
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    While it may not seem like it, this is a difficult task. This is due to the fact that Minecraft doesn't have a good system (or really anything at all) for unique ID of items. Item IDs are just the type of the item. While it should be technically possible to build one, having a free dev do that in their spare time for a small request is a little unlikely. This seems like a cool plugin, and I would have liked to create it, but due to this boundary I'm afraid it would just be a little much.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    ryebread761 Good thing that Java has one though.
    UUID, not just bukkit. Or a simple number would do for this, lore on item to identify to which door it belongs
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    Will Java's object UUID stick through transfers of the item through inventories?
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    ryebread761 I think he was more talking about a id in the lore which yes would stay
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    Ah, that's a good idea!
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    I'm starting work on this. Not sure it will work out. I will try to let you know if it does not or I decide to move on to something else.
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    This sounds cool :D
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    Thanks guys for this! :D
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    If ryebread761's doesn't work out, I'll take over.
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    Okay, it's going okay so far.
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    That's awesome! I can't wait for this!
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    1. java.lang.NullPointerException caused by: Developer sick and tired of this message, will allow FletchTech90 to take over.

    I think I should work some more with inventories and stuff before doing requests like this. It's just crawling along, and the exceptions don't even make sense now. Good like fighting with ItemMeta and null. Hopefully yours goes well. Good luck. FletchTech90
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    Alright. Getting to work!
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    Any news about this?
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    I would totally use this plugin!!!!!
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    I'm assuming you want it so the door cannot break.
    What happens if the key is destroyed and it unlocks/locks many containers?
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    I suggest making it so you cant drop it, but if you do something like: /disposelock (Name of Lock, or Whatever) then it will say: Are you sure you want to delete this lock? Other people will be able to open your chests/doors if you do!. Then you do /disposelock confirm or something.
    JUST A Suggestion :p

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