Door Buying

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    Simple, Supports eco's
    Open a Door\Hatchet\Lever\Button = Lose money (Maybe get money but that makes it complicated)
    Can set up doors to lose (or get meh) money on way in and out
    or Set up so doors when opened money is taken then 2nd click is free.

    Or Door Buying
    Open a Door\Hatchet\Lever\Button = Lose money but locks for you personally.
    (can configure to how many doors someone can buy, maybe have categories for what kind of doors they are)


    -Lose money-
    a Player A wants to stay at Player B's INN (rpg) and to have a room they have to purchase the door to let them in. Once payed the X amount of money goes to Player B, and automatically lets Player A inn and Player C cant go in or out unless the owner (Player A or B) gives permission.

    -Gain money-
    a tutorial island were once theyve completed a section they go through a door to advance on and they earn X (number of $)

    (extended) it can include:
    • player selling doors (setting them up so that other players have to pay)
    • Multiple Buying of a door
    • Levers and buttons cant be pressed by anyone else. (so if its connected to redstone only the person who bought it can activate it)
    • automatic closing behind (not something id like but its out there)
    • If someone pays it goes to the door creator.
    • Releasing a door so it can be reclaimed (or destroy it and it respawns and its not yours anymore)
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    So, there will be doors, that when opened, will take X number of econ currency? Will work on this.
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    door opens takes x number of econ currency, then stores data on locking it (such as chestlock or lockette) to that specific person and then it goes into detail on how a player can configure to let others in for free.

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