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    Hi I would like to see plugin that when you say for example "/<command> <player>"
    it will give player items, and do commands such as /pex promote etc. things you can set in config what it will do when you "/<command> <player>".
    I would use it in this example:

    Player bought VIP on my server. I will go to console and write "/addvip <player>".
    And plugin will give that person 100diamonds 100redstone 300emerald. Next it will automaticly do command (which you can set in config) /pex promote <player> , /pay <player> 100000
    All could be easily set in cofig.

    Some problems with it. When player is offline it will wait until he come online. When player has full inventory it will create chest automaticly locked or it will que items(when he drop something it will fill free space)

    Also permissions should be included so regular players cant /addvip anyone.
    (if there is any plugin / set of plugins which can do this let me know)

    Thank you.
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    I believe you there is a plugin like this out there called BuyCraft which allows you to setup your own webstore for donators! Hope this helps
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    VariableTriggers lets you create your own /commands and script what they will do.

    It will do what you want it to do.
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    You tell people it can do stuff, but never tell how =/
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    It'd take him a long time to write out all the steps for every request that can be fulfilled using VT. And half the time, people won't use it (it's too complicated, I don't like it, I want someone to make me a private plugin not use a perfectly good solution, etc.)

    hackal: CommandHelper, BuyCraft for most of the features (I only quickly skimmed).
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    How does he think we can use it then, if there is no tutorials about this.
    If there is tutorial for this, link please.

    Its not just like:
    Player VIP: true
    @CMDCON give player diamond 100

    Or is it?
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    He links to this page in some/most of the responses. And, if not, it's right there on the BukkitDev page.
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    VariableTriggers is probably one of the most powerful plugins out there BUT it is not for the lazy. If you want to do stuff that no other plugin can do then READ the Documentation and learn how to use it. Plus there is a forum on the dev.bukkit VT pages for users to post and help each other.

    I cannot go around and teach everyone individually how to do every little thing that they want to do. I can only point out that they CAN do it with VT and point them to it. It's up to them to READ the Docs and learn how to use it. And decide if they want to be lazy and ask everyone else to write plugins for them or dig in and find out how easy it realy is once they take the time to understand it and unlock the power of this plugin.
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    Thank you for reply, BuyCraft does everything what I want :)
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