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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: KitViewer

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where you can right-click a sign or type a command and a chest opens. There are items that say each donor rank. Their lore is the price of the donator rank. You can click each donator rank and it will show you whats in the donor kit you cannot take these items out of the chest they are just for show.

    Ideas for commands:
    /addrank <name>(you can use colors) - this will add the item in your hand with the name you put in the first inventory slot, than the second and so forth.

    /addkititem <rankname> - Will add the item in your hand that your holding to the first inventory slot of the donor kit, than second and so forth. A config will handle these items so if you mess up you can delete the item.

    Ideas for permissions:

    kits.admin - admin commands

    kits.view - can view kits

    When I'd like it by: Tonight
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    This would be much easier to just do through default mechanics. You can put a item in an anvil to rename it then just protect the chests to not have items taken out
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    How would I make it so they cannot take items out, yet view the items in the chest?
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    This I will code for you. I'm not sure how it will interact with worldguard if you have it but I will make it to where the chest and the items cant be taken
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    Thanks. It's public so when you're done you can post the link in the reply section

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