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    Plugin category: Fun, admin

    Suggested name: DonorChest

    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin were lets say a 10$ donor does /chest and it opens a small virtual chest. now lets say a 50$ donor does /chest it will be a large virtual chest. now. lets say if a 150$ donor /chest it opens a large chest, AND they can also do /chest 2 to open a second chest. this will be all based on perms. also for admin purpposes, /chest {name} to open a players chest OR /chest {name} 2 etc.

    Ideas for commands: /chest -opens a chest (size depenging on perms)
    /chest 2 -opens a second chest (if user has donorchest.chest.2)
    /chest {name} {number} -admins only. open player chests

    Ideas for permissions: donorchest.chest.small -allows opening of small chest
    donorchest.chest.normal -opens a large chest
    donorchest.chest.{number} -can open however many large chests are in the node.

    When I'd like it by: 1:00 Am tommorow please!
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    this doesnt do Quite what i'd like. i need it to also support having multiple chests. thnx the bro

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