"Donators Only Area" Plugin?

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    Plugin category: Mechanics, General, Miscellaneous, Fun

    Suggested name: Donators Only

    What I want: I'm thinking of a plugin that can keep non-donators out of certain areas that are set for donators only. I'm also hoping that this plugin could depend on WorldEdit (and WorldGuard maybe?), because this plugin will have the "set-region" technology that WorldEdit has. If you can do that, that's awesome.

    Ideas for commands:
    /donly setarea [areaname] (sets the region selected with WorldEdit for donators only)
    /donly delarea [areaname] (removes the donators only area)
    /donly info [areaname] (provides info about the donator only area)
    /donly redefinearea [areaname] (if redefining the donator only area, you would use the WorldEdit wand and set two new positions, and issue this command. Just like redefining WorldGuard regions.)

    Ideas for permissions:
    donly.allow (If the group has this permission, then they can enter the donators only area. If they do not, then they cannot enter. By default, players will not have this permission.)
    donly.admin (This is for the players to be able to set, delete, edit the regions etc. By default, only ops have this.)

    When I'd like it by: Soon as possible, but take your time!

    Thanks so much if any of you can make me this plugin!
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    This is simple to do with WorldGuard, you can define regions that are only enter-able by certain groups.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Oh, well thank you!
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    I can't believe I never knew this -_-.....
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