Donator Vaults (Using Villagers/NPC)

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    Plugin category: Dont know.

    Suggested name: VaultNPC

    What I want:
    Im looking for a vault plugin for my donators. I want it so they open the vault by right clicking a villager at spawn or a NPC. The plugin will also have to have to include the option to set certain amount of space for certain ranks. For example -

    Vip = 10 slots | Permission -
    MVP = 25 slots | Permission -

    And so on. The permissions would be given with "<rank>" (The "<rank>" is what there rank would be so you could add it to a group.

    Ideas for commands: No commands, It will be opened by the Villager Only.

    Ideas for permissions:<rank>

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you can get it done.
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    deploycraft the way the bukkit API is you could only set the max limit by multiples of 9 so 9 for VIP and 27 for MVP would work
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    Ahh yeah forgot about that. But i would want more available options all the way up to a double chest!
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