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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Joshua Abraham, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Joshua Abraham

    Is there a feasibility of some kind of PayPal donate integration from inside the server?
    This type of plugin would allow the userbase of a community to easily and quickly donate without all the hassle of directing them to a website and donate section.

    Basic idea:

    Something as simple as /donate <amount> that would open a browser window with PayPal ready to proceed with the transaction. It should be possible to make use of the PayPal API, configurable through a config file along with currency settings.

    Now I'm not a programmer, therefore it may be impossible without some kind of client side mod and that might be why no one has done this yet.

    If anyone has input on the topic or ideas for improvement feel free to post it.
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    after doing some research and thinking, it would be possible but very difficult. Maybe you could get a hold of someone that has more experience then me for example SK89Q
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    Joshua Abraham

    where do you believe the difficulties would be?
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    connecting to the link and allowing the player to donate a prescribed ammount. if im right this plugin will have to include php/http/ etc. i do know some but im not at all talented with coding.
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    At first I thought of something like doing it inside the server so like /paypal login <username> <password> and then /paypal donate <amount> but then I realized this could pose a security threat.
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    Joshua Abraham

    Yeah, that's why i suggested it opening page to login and continue. It'd basically be like adding a donate button ingame.
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    maybe just have /donate open the paypal link to donate to the server
    don't have information in the game because then someone could read it (greedy server owner?) or if they use a . instead of a / and it's broadcasted in chat then someone could use that information and steal money as well
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    Joshua Abraham

    thats the idea. /donate <amount>
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    Unfortunately something like that would only work for the host computer :/
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    /maybe it could be sign integrated? You have the link on the sign and an amount?

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