Question Does anyone know where I can get this plugin?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by AntivirusDevelopment, Apr 23, 2018.

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  1. Hello everyone, a member on my discord sent me this video

    He said this is 100% Bukkit (no mods or special clients). As you can see, this plugin is incredibly realistic, and I want to install this on my server.

    I was wondering if any Bukkit community members would happen to know the name of this plugin. The video says "ICBM plugin" but when I search for it, I can't find anything even close to what is shown in this video.

    Any help is appreciated :)
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    Again, this may just a plugin for that server.

    However, it looks like it can be easily replicated.
    1. The briefcase is just a simple InventoryGUI menu
    2. The ICBM is just FallingBlockEntities all moving together.
    3. The mushroomcloud is just a bunch of flame particles with lightning.
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    @AntivirusDevelopment I am Orchface, the creator of the plugin in the video. I am known for creating custom Bukkit plugins that resemble mods.

    @timtower is right. I created this plugin about a year ago for my total war server. It is not yet available to the public.

    @Zombie_Striker got the basic outline correct, but whether this plugin can be easily replicated is subjective.

    The source code is around 16000 lines because of performance-related functions that run in the background. That's why there is relatively low lag in the video.

    Getting the cluster of falling blocks to move as a singular body requires precise timing and efficient processing. The mushroom cloud technically does not exist on the server, since I used around 400 falling block fire packets to construct it. The briefcase is much more complex than it appears in the video. It allows you to fire multiple missiles at once, abort launches, enable two-factor launch authentication, and even deploy counter-missiles (not shown in the video).

    If you would like to view some of the source code, tell me. I will only release portions of the code because the plugin is based on my custom server framework, which I do not want leaked to the public.
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