[Do You Need Help?]: Make your plugin page look good, slick, and professional?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by clovisd, Apr 2, 2013.

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    It has come to my attention that many plugin pages lack:

    1. Correct Grammar and well written descriptions instructions and documentations. This is repels potential plugin users and acts as a negative over if and how the plugin is used amount the large community of minecraft. You cannot blame Plugin Devs because Bukkit is composed of many many developers whose main language is not English and therefore grammar may not be accurate.

    2. Many plugins lack appropriate documentation and instructions on how to use. Some plugins are fortunate enough to have video tutorials made for them, most of these are not great help (there are exceptions).

    3. Plugins lack appeal, most plugins promise to make formidable changes to Minecraft, they may have the greatest description, but Server Admins and Staff (or anyone looking for plugins) want proof, they need screenshots, explanation, diagrams. Well-organized and planned out plugins usually succeed whilst ugly plugins, even if they have more options, configuration, fail.

    The community is always looking for high quality, well-maintained plugins, which have a professional look. They tell potential users: "My plugin developer(s) is reliable, he has a well-maintained, well-documented page. Diagrams and Screenshots that explain how it works, and the page is organized.

    This thread aims to get you, the Bukkit Developers, the Bukkit Community, the Minecraft Community, and anyone interested to request feedback, to ask for help, or give feedback on plugin pages, documentation, support and more.

    Do you need a documentor, graphics creator, or just someone to make your bukkit dev/bukkit.org plugin thread look good? I am sure somebody would be willing to help you, give you feedback.

    Post here with a request, link or pictures and someone from the epic community will contact you via this thread.

    I am also willing to take on the job and help you guys! Feel free to ask! I can promise you you won't be disappointed!

    I am not responsible for any damage that may (but hopefully won't) from asking someone. Before accepting or granting anyone access to any of your files/pages/ect, check them out, PM them, skype them, check their reputation. This is just a notice.
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    i was about to make a post then saw this.
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    always better be safe than sorry! :D Just a general warning to anyone out there who may be searching for help. I personally would never do that, but the internet is full of misleading devious and selfish people
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    Updated Post, made it cleaner and clearer!
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    clovisd I am interested in getting an Artist to create my plugins' logos. If you can do this, please reply or PM me. Thanks! :)
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    u spelld gramar rong, clovisd - last sentence of the first paragraph. But thanks for the post.

    I am not a grammar nazi.
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    clovisd Know any logo designers?:p PM me please :p
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    I would like a logo designer PM Me if your intrested
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