Do you have any idea for a Clans plugin? [Request it here]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Gonmarte, Apr 18, 2016.

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    Im making a Clans plugin, and i have all the important things made. Now i just need an idea to make it be unique. I have already all things necessary to a Clans plugin and all commands, such as create, invite, accept, disband, decline, clan home location, ranks, events (chat, cant hurt memebers.. etc), all data saved etc...
    Now im seeking for any ideas to make my Clans plugin different from anothers.
    So, if you would like to request a clans plugin, different from the others of BukkitDev such as SimpleClans, reply below with your idea and if i think its interested and unique i might take it in consideration and add it to my plugin :)

    Note 1: Although im not requesting any plugin, im asking to peaple who want to request a Clans plugin, to make it below :)
    Note 2: The credits of the idea will belong to the owner of the idea.
    Note 3: I was thinking of making this on Wip Development, but i though that this is the right place to. If you disagree, use the report button to call a staff member.
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    @Gonmarte Creating custom ranks?/altering permissions for ranks.
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    Also, im working on that as well :p
    Ranks are a thing that a Clans plugin must have. Im searching for something that makes it unique/different from any other plugins like this.
    Thank you anyway :)
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    I mean like /clan rank create <name>

    /clan rank <name> add <permission>

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    The problem is that, i dont want that different clans have different ranks. That wouldnt make that sense. I prefer being me creating like 3-4 ranks and then peaple can change the name and permission on the config.
    If i miss understood again tag me ;)
    If you have any more suggestion leave it below ;)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Moved to WIP
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    What if you add a leader board for clan stats? Something to display the clan with the highest K/D ratio, most members, ect.
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    Good idea. I have already the kdr system, so i will just make a leader board for it and other things.
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    clan wars? like clan vs clan. idk if u already have /clan war , if u dont,
    - u could add /clan war (clanTAG) (maxMembers)

    - only leaders can accept/decline the war

    - only leaders can kick their own members from the war with /clan war kick (member)
    - add /clan war enter .. if your clan was challenged and your leader accepted, you will enter the arena , also block the use of commands when someone entered the arena
    - cooldowns,warmups,broadcast of winners,etc
    - to spectate, /clan war spectate .. will take you to a set location, like a cabin to watch the war
    - when challenging if the clan doesnt exist or the leader of that clan isnt online, send error message and that stuff​

    - admin commands are /clan war set pos1/pos2/spectate/exit .. to set the locations

    - if u already have /clan war do /clan warfare or /clan battle​

    - to challenge the leader needs to have like 100k$(configurable) and the challenged too

    - the winner will get the amount stored, in this case 200k$​

    I think its a reasonable idea and its what is missing in simpleclans so that will definitely make ur plugin distinct
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    I Al Istannen

    A nice translation system? Not unique but still needed/nice. Maybe involving I18N? I found it a bit nicer than the YAML approach and more flexible. It also allows Unicode and stuff, so äüö and similar will work fine. You can also add comments, but that is also possible with YAML. Essentials uses this system too. Here is the official Oracle Trail.
    Makes it quite easy to provide different files and then have the user cycle through them as they want. Prevents every user from every country from needing to make their own translation.
    Formatting is also quite flexible and numbers and dates on so can can be formatted from the translation file (like limiting the decimal places, adding a pre/suffix and so on), you don't need to do this in the code.
    Maybe even make the commands/subcommands changable with the language? Although that introduces some new problems.
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    Add in pearls. Clams with pearls are nice!
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