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  1. Hello,​
    Welcome to:​
    welcome to DMinigames. DMinigames is a plugin in construction that is going to have all the bukkit minigames in 1 plugin. There is already an beta version of the plugin aviabale: Click here. But now is the plugin growing and we need some crew to help us coding, maintaining,... this plugin.​
    Open Crew possitions:​
    Professional Coders (0/4)
    Your job is help coding the plugin.​

    Know how to work with github​

    Professional coding experience​

    Authors (0/2)
    Your job is to whrite the dev.bukkit description and maintain it. also you are responsible for the wiki.​

    You need to have some experience with making dev.bukkit pages or wiki's​

    Your job is to help us maintaining this plugin by responding the the reply's people has placed on the dev.bukkit page + You need to check if there are issues or tickets placed by users. Then you let the coders know if there are any bugs.​
    General Requitments:​
    A way to chat, Can be skype, ....​
    Professional experience with your job.​
    We hope we can see you soon!​
    ~ Entire DMinigames Administration Team ~​
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    Um hi I'd like to be a maintainer please this will be my first time doing this so that's why I picked maintainer. Thanks
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