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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by extended_clip, Sep 3, 2014.

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    He would have to re-code things because of the copyright. Bukkit uses some of @Wolvereness's code.
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    Once he submits it to the project, the code is no longer his, it falls under the project's license. The question is if the GPLv3 has been violated or not.

    I have to say my experience was pretty similar.
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    Wolvereness A bit hasty? A class action lawsuit would have sent a clearer message and could have resulted in compensation for anyone who's contributed in the last couple years. While you have the legal right to do what you did, you just alienated thousands of people, and pursuing aforementioned legal action becomes even more of an uphill battle because of the negative light your move casts on the cause.
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    That is a tricky issue as it brings up the point of who owns Wolvereness's code. Does he have his own license for the pieces of code he committed or is it just under Bukkit's license, which under GPLv3.
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    I think we need some lawyers to sort this mess out.. I don't wanna loose bukkit.. we've already lost dinnerbone (who is back in charge now), TnT, EvilSeph and maybe Jade. This project is spiraling out of control.. we need TnT and EvilSeph to come back and assist dinnerbone, and maybe continue the project.
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    Guess you aren't familiar with the DMCA, huh? Just because the repos are available doesn't mean Dinnerbone can legally use them.
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    Yeah, I'm going to quite trying to understand this license, I'm getting a headache. That's why I don't ever use it or derive from works under it. It's such an awful license to use.

    Mojang has lawyers, let them figure it out.

    He's in Sweeden. The DMCA has no control over him.
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    I'm currently wondering what this would mean for forks of Bukkit, for example Spigot. Since Spigot is a fork of Bukkit, then wouldn't this also apply to Spigot's recent 1.8 compatible releases? I would think a re-coding of Bukkit would break a lot of plugins, as well as forks like Spigot and SportBukkit that depend on it.
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    Let's hope they hurry and sort things out. Thousands of people rely on Bukkit. Maybe people use it as a source of income as well.

    DMCA implements WIPA which could potentially apply to him. And who knows, maybe Sweden has adopted something similar to DMCA.
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    Who cares? I am done here. Too much junk going on. Until this all gets sorted out, I am outta this thread. Goodbye.
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    My question (if nobody has asked it) what about Spigot? Will that have to be taken down?
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    Spigot is basically Bukkit, just re-coded. I doubt they kept much of the original code to prevent issues like this. Unless Mojang goes after them for something. I'm not a big fan of Spigot, and it's not supported here.

    It'll probably stay up, until it gets too big and then Mojang will be like, "Whoa, we could be making even more money, we're taking that project since it's essentially ours, or we'll shut it down."
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    I guess that's at least not unlikely. It delivers Wolvereness code with minecraft server files just like Bukkit does.

    But I can totally understand him.
    Wolvereness started contributing to Bukkit Feb. 20 2012. Just 8 days later, Mojang secretly bought Bukkit (someone really has to explain to me how one can buy an OSS project...).
    For > 2 years, he thought he'd contribute a considerable amount of his free time to Bukkit, the open source project, while he really just worked for mojang, for free and unknowingly.
    And now? Mojang comes in and basically says "Yeah, all your code belongs to us! But thanks for your free work".
    The dcma thing is an understandable reaction to this.
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    MrSparkzz Spigot is heavily based on Bukkit and CraftBukkit with a majority of the code still being from Bukkit and CraftBukkit respectively. Spigot does a lot of patches that modify or replace existing code in either project but have not simply recoded a majority of it as you suggested.
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    For anyone who wants a copy of CraftBukkit, I'm just gonna leave this here... <lukegb: infringing link removed>
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    I don't understand how my reply was irrelevant?

    EssexIO that's against forum rules.
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    Welp, doesn't seem like there's much structure here anymore. Staff will delete it if it comes down to it, but I haven't even seen a member of staff today. :\
  20. I personally believe that all this fuzz is not going to really last. I tend to see things from their positive perspective. I guess that things will be sorted out in the following days and Bukkit will up again!
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    Should I put all my current developments in haitus?
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    I support Wolvereness's decision as well. Mojang took over this project without compensation to any of it's contributors and has repeatedly bluffed legal action against it's users and contributors. It's time for Mojang to get a taste of their own medicine.

    The repos being available and Mojang legally able to release a build are two different things.
    I thought he was a dick when he rejected my issues. This action leads me to respect him more now.
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    I think I am. I'm not going to spend hours of my time on a project until I know it's going to be useful to someone. If Mojang gets this back up I will happily resume, but until I know that, my development is suspended indefinitely.
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    Same, my projects are suspended at this moment too. I also believe anyone using Maven for their dependencies can still access it though.
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    Uh... Bukkit has always been and will always be volunteer work, unpaid. Mojang had no responsibility to pay the dev team of Bukkit...

    All of the Bukkit dev team has been allowed to continue to work, but some of them don't want to (EvilSeph, TnT). Mojang didn't force them to step down. Methinks you have some internal hatred for Mojang that you need to sort out...
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    noooo =(
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    :( so is a 1.8 bukkit version coming out?
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    Volunteer work is perfectly fine, let me elaborate. The legal instability of the Mojang's (EULA threats) platform and wishes of the contributors (the said license) led to volunteers stepping down. Imagine working for a job for 3 years and being told that you could be fired at any second. You wouldn't want to work on anything big because your future prospects on what you're working on would go to waste. On top of that, since it's a volunteer job, you don't get compensated. Anyone in that position would have stepped down.

    When Mojang tries to profit (bukkit leads to more people hosting servers, thus more people playing MC) from what others have voluntarily contributed, then this is what happens. Mojang stopped respecting contributors wishes by not changing their license scheme, contributors go against Mojang. It's simple.

    Also, "being allowed" is very different from "free reign" when Bukkit started. That's like someone holding a gun to your head saying you're allowed to do something.

    Just read this lol. I agree that some contributors who contributed to bukkit feels used in this sense.
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    flying sheep

    this is wrong.

    the code is licensed unter the project’s license, but still his.

    since mojang bought the project, they could change the license only if every singe contributor agrees, and then the versions before that license change would still stay under the GPL.

    the license however wasn’t valid, since bukkit contained minecraft server code, which is owned by mojang, not licensed under the GPL, and wasn’t contributed by them (which would have made it GPL code). so bukkit infringed on mojang’s copyright.

    this however doesn’t change the fact that people contributed under the GPL.

    i think the question is if mojangs aquiration of the project fixed the license: since bukkit released new versions after being bought by mojang, mojang itself released the minecraft server code in bukkit under the GPL, so i think everything in bukkit is now legally released under the GPL license, even if the server code wasn’t initially contributed by mojang.

    IANAL, but i’m pretty sure about everything but the last paragraph.
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    hmm this gets me wondering the bukkit api it self is not violating licenses why does it say it is?, I thought only craftbukkit it self was due minecraft code.

    and then as follows I wonder about the whole license concept, I mean mojang clearly uses software to obfusucate code this code is changed also by a third program and what license does that program has?, actually in that case that license could also say 'the software belongs to me' and is not from mojang because some softwares require to addapt their own licenses aswell, this is why I already stopped believing the faith in any copyright cus everyone could simply pretend as a copyright holder.

    I really hope mojang does not wish to act in as this manner, many developers stopped due this not only on bukkit but also on general open source you hear lots of shady copyright rumors and most are also about different indie games to, if this is what is the future of gaming industries is I probably never going to play a game any more.

    of course I understand its their right of mojang, but you could also ask your self why did they let it escalate and then as final take all the gold, get all the code which atleast 1000 different people genuinly contributed making lots of hours vanish, or let it drop, this is my biggest concern.

    anyways ive readed it what it says about DMCA, I just don't know if that is a good step or bad in my opinion lots of copyright is very flawed and it doesn't make sense when looking to a hierachy of products being used and adapted licenses of all kind of different software partys to depend who is right and what violates what.
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