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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by extended_clip, Sep 3, 2014.

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    Same. My server depends on bukkit to work and I lost my dev jar this morning. :(

    Hey, can I please get one too?

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    All this pile of crap would have been avoided by having the MC API. Your fault, Mojang.
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    uvbeenzaned That would be greatly appreciated man!
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    I have a few questions about this though which is confusing me.

    1. Is any of the code from that commit actually still in the source? I know there is some rule/law about open source in terms of function equivalence to what his code is(or was).

    That's not his license, it's Grum's. Bukkit was once GPL and they changed to LGPL(thats obvious now). Wolvereness forked Bukkit to fix stuff for it under GPL(which was before Bukkit changed to LGPL). This really is just being a fucking dickhead and found something he could use to annoy the hell out of everyone.
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    Sent. One time download links only.
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    The Bukkit API is GPL, as long as you link against the Bukkit API, your Plugin has to be GPL licensed.
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    Mojang owns Bukkit anyway. They know their source the best and will just write their own code around this. No problem :p
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    Well... This is a fun mess.
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    It could also have been avoided by Bukkit not existing in the first place. I don't see how it's Mojang's fault for not doing something they weren't required to do.
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    Minecraft wouldn't be what it is without bukkit. So I am sad that minecraft doesn't seem to understand this, otherwise their API would be out a lot sooner. At least they were smart and bought bukkit awhile back, but now this whole situation is a mess.... so sad day.
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    If you really sent this DCMA Notice, I lost all respect I had for you Wolvereness.
    No wanting to continue working on Bukkit is one thing, but desperatly trying to destroy it... I can't find any word that descripes how much I despise you.

    Fuck you Copyright Trolls!
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    If this was the ORION: Dino Horde forum, ud be banned right now by even giving an oppinion.: D
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    Minecraft RIP.
    Hello 7 Days To Die! (if the updates keep coming at its current pace)
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    So if the problem is that craftbukitt include bukkit and minecraft inside the jar. Cant you just make craftbukkit GLP and exclude the minecraft jar, but instead make it so that the minecraft (vanilla) jar has to be in the same folder? And that through some programming magic craftbukkit know how to get what it needs to get from the separate minecraft.jar? In this way server admins have to download vanilla server from mojang, and craftbukkit from the normal location.

    Is something like this possible?
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    On the topic in general, I'm delighted with Wolvereness and his decision. He is correctly enforcing his rights over Mojang. Mojang have handled this awfully and have been extremely disrespectful, and thus I have no sympathy for them.

    It is very possible that sk89q and others could do similar, and I hope they do.
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    No, they don't have the right, to destroy a project many people, who are not them, invested thousands of hours in, just because they are mad.
    Don't forget those server owners, plugin devs, and players that require Bukkit for their servers.
    Do you think they put less work into this? If they don't want to continue Bukkit then fine, but don't be a dick!

    It's obvious that this move is NOT to protect copyright, as you can still download a popular 3rd party build, but to use copyright laws for politics. And this is Copyright trolling.
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    Except that an API has been promised to be out since the Alpha times. Oh, what an aberration to expect something they've been teasing the community with for almost 4 years!
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    uvbeenzaned There's people selling their own plot plugin which has a function to import plotme plots, that's what I meant.
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    Or maybe just make a program that merge them together at the users computer. So the file you end up with is still the same, you just merge it together yourself, just to keep it legal.
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    Not the way it's designed now. In order to support the API, the server code itself is modified. The Bukkit API is then layered on top to provide a translation between plugin and minecraft. This is why Bukkit releases take time, they have to go back to each of the server modifications and check them again to see if anything broke. That prevents all the plugin devs from having to it.

    The idea is that one thing, Bukkit, has to be adapted to new versions so thousands of mods do not... most of the time. Sometimes, such as the UUID change, the system fails to accomplish this goal.
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    I've had a few interactions with Wolvereness before.. but I've never seen him do anything like this. He's probably upset that part of a project he worked on has been overtaken by a big company (something that happens all the time to small businesses/devs/etc.). I would probably be upset too if something that I worked so hard on and that got millions of people's attention just got gobbled up by a bigger company leaving me with nothing.

    Maybe he requested to be a part of the dev team for bukkit working directly with Dinnerbone and was shut down. I would probably do something similar to get the team's attention.
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    Well this certainly will get their attention, but not their respect. It is a guarantee that he will never be allowed to work on the project again. Mojang will find a way to make this work, but he will be shut out forever.
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    Well you never know. There have been instances where hackers hack a big cooperation and get hired because they found flaws in their security. Maybe something of the like will happen here. All I know is that this is a huge mess, especially for server owners.
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    This is upsetting news, not only the DMCA, but EvilSeph's desire to close Bukkit's doors. Mojang seems to be the ones causing problems here, not solving anything.

    Dinnerbone - good luck with re-coding everything.

    I don't really have much else to add. I am going to begin working on a JAR for my own server, not necessarily Bukkit/CraftBukkit. We'll see how that goes.
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    I didn't even think about this. The only way Wolvereness will probably allow them to continue development is if Bukkit is re-coded..

    With the loss of EvilSeph and the fact that he wanted to shut Bukkit down and now with this incident, things are looking very shaky for Bukkit. I just really hope Bukkit doesn't spill.. Things have been great here and I don't want them to end over something as stupid as this.
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    He doesn't have to recode everything. The repos are still available and Lots of people have local copies of them. Sorry no winning here.
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    Ive been re-reading the terms of GPLv3 and in fact I think this claim has no basis. GPLv3 does allow content protected by other restrictions to be included in a GPL project. It says so right here.

    At that point it's out of the GPL and into Mojang's copyrights, which they themselves have the right to permit.
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    I don't know, I always thought Wolverness was a bit of a dick. Where'd this respect come from?

    If it really was him, I'm not even surprised. If it wasn't? Well, I still don't like him much.
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