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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by extended_clip, Sep 3, 2014.

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    This seems a bit odd.....


    It now has a link to the DMCA take down notice made by @Wolvereness

    A copy of the notification can be found at this link.
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    Nothing else to do than wait for an official answer from either Mojang or the Bukkit team. People on the internet tend to start rumors, and before we know it, some 15 year old boy has convinced the entire community that the project is shut down for good and that Mojang wants to make it illegal to use Bukkit's API and that they have to wait for the official API.

    Wait for an official announcement.

    Oh, and could you please change the title to something else? Other people may be searching for this on the forums, but since your title doesn't say much, and your post just contains an image.
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    I thought this was settled, Mojang owns Bukkit, does it not? How can they claim copyright infringement against themselves?
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  5. I'm very confused right now. Who is Wesley Wolfe, exactly? Googling the name pulls up a twitter profile with minimal activity and something on Bandcamp.
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    He is Wolverness. One of the developers that worked on Bukkit. Sounds like he is upset and so he is lashing out like a little child.
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  8. The DMCA notice says that his copyright was violated by the inclusion of the Minecraft server in CB. I think I understand what he's getting at- his code is licensed under the GPL, meaning that copies of the server source need to be available. Since Mojang has never authorized this, however, the terms of the GPL are violated.

    Is that remotely close to what's going on here?
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    It isn't Mojang that is the author of the DMCA request, it is someone else who contributed to bukkit and now is trying to pressure Mojang to release their server under the GPL or take out their contribution. This isn't helpful to the bukkit community because it raises a legal obstacle for Mojang supporting Bukkit even if they want to. It is within the legal rights of these contributors to destroy Bukkit or force Mojang or others to remove their contributions. If there are enough of these vigilantes who obviously didn't have a problem with it while Mojang wasn't involved in Bukkit, they could kill it by poping up another DMCA request as soon as someone can remove their previous one.
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    There are a limited number of developers that have contributed (about 100) and only about 15 that made any significant contribution and only 6 that made a very high degree of contribution. Wolverness is one of those 6.
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    Sounds like he tried to enforce his rights on bukkit to get a statement from mojang in regards of the servercode included in bukkit. they told him:
    So Craftbukkit is wrongly labeled GPL. This was send to bukkit, they had to take down the download.
    Its possible github got a DMCA notification too. Keep an eye out on the bukkit github repository.
  13. The DMCA complaint specifically cites this commit:


    This's somewhat strange, given that it is over two years old. He has some more recent work as well. Regardless, it's odd that he would suddenly file a DMCA against CraftBukkit.

    Perhaps there was a falling out?

    I can imagine that he recently queried Mojang about the legitimacy of using the Minecraft server code in CB, although I highly doubt this was the first time somebody raised the question.
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    Wow -- given that, I wonder whether Wolverness could single handedly kill bukkit, or make Dinnerbone rewrite it completely? Doesn't look like we'll be getting 1.8 very soon...
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    Except legally it gets considerably more grey, I never bothered to check, but my understanding is that bukkit kept the altered mojang files obfuscated even after they completed their work on them. If that is indeed the case, then nobody attempting such a claim like this is going to stand much of a chance in court. Because the only thing that has really changed right now is who holds direct control of the repo. But I could be mistaken and they left the stuff unobfuscated, but I find that highly unlikely, as I think Mojang would have objected to that.
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    Dem Ollie

    Update from Jeb on this Subject:

    "@samuel_dfs This was sent to Multiplay, http://dl.bukkit.org/dmca/notification.txt … I have no other info right now, but it was not sent from us."

    To me it seems someone got upset by Mojang saying they bought Bukkit (whatever they bought / were able to buy). Childish behaviour at its best... If he gets through with it, Dinnerbone has to rewrite the removed parts completely and without infrigering the copyright and interlectual property of wolfwhatever....
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    Probably not, the DMCA cited is a United States copyright law. Curse is a United States company. Mojang is not. I'm no copyright lawyer but I'm not sure it would hold if Mojang moved it out of the U.S.
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    If Mojang can prove that he knowingly made contributions to the craftbukkit repo while code obfuscation was being done to the two offending files. Then the case gets tossed out of US courts, and Mojang gets to counter-sue.
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    Seems as though this is true, I've seen former members of projects act like this before. Betraying the community they once knew and loved.
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    So wait, doesn't anyone have a download for CraftBukkit? For like 1.7.10? Or did they all like vanish...
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    The project changed in a way that violates his legal rights, if anything, he was betrayed.
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    What I find strange here is that he's claiming copyright on a fork. Grum pushed the commit containing that license too. And Grum works at Mojang now.

    Bukkit is GPL or LGPL, but craftbukkit never was. You can still download bukkit http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/bukkit/
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    Except GPL is self propagating, so any work that contains or is derived from GPL code is required to use the GPL license as well. What is more, it can't be partial. The whole thing must be GPL. Therefore CraftBukkit must be GPL too. I think that's the legal argument he is using.
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    Alshain01 Because I hook into WorldEdit I had to make PlotMe GPL. So everyone hooking to PlotMe needs to be GPL themselves, but there's forks out there and homemade plot plugins that import my plots and they aren't GPL.

    Should I enforce wrath on them?
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    But what good is bukkit? I installed it and it did nothing. Also, is it illegal now to upload craft bukkit to media fire or something?
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    I'm not agreeing with him. I'm stating facts.

    But simply hooking into an API is not governed under the GPL (to my knowledge anyway). My addon (Flags) uses your API in PlotMe but that doesn't make Flags subject to the GPL because I wrote the code myself. Flags uses PlotMe as a reference but is not included inside it. CraftBukkit includes Bukkit, which also includes Minecraft inside of it's jar files. That's another story.
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    richard fraser

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    So is there any way to get a download of craft bukkit outside the bukkit site?
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    So right now ALL bukkit downloads are closed off, even development builds. Can anyone mirror me a download of a recommended build (1.7.2 or later)? I don't want to get caught with my pants down if the project is shut down for good.
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    Why don't you just be nice to the poor people? I hate copy laws and this mess! Why can't everything be free?! jkjk I understand. But be a considerate person.

    I can PM you a one time use link to what I have.

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