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    Hello, I've started making a new plugin called DJBukkit (BukkitDev: GitHub: This plugin can read special files (with the extension .djb), and play them as music on a note block.

    I am still working on a better way to make songs.
    Also I may add flashing lights that are reactive to the song ;D

    Example song file:

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    As you can see, this is definitely not pretty, since this is how the file is stored! First line is the song name, the second line is the beats per minute value. Each line after that represents a new instrument part.

    In the first part (PIANO), the first note is A:NATURAL:1:1. This means the note is A natural, is the first octave, and is one beat in duration. A note half a beat long may be A:NATURAL:1:0.5.

    If you place this file with the extension .djb in the DJBukkit folder of the server, it will be automatically loaded, and can be played by using "/play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" while looking at a note block.

    This is more of a proof-of-concept than anything.

    Please comment any ideas for the plugin.
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    Haha, that's cool!
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  3. Nice plugin :D

    For song creation, either create a inventory gui with all the keys, click a key and select instrument/length below
    Or setup a song editor mode where the player gets teleported to a room with a keyboard in it and gets items in the hotbar for length/instrument, when clicked on a block on the keyboard it corresponds to a key

    In the chat show the notes/pauses in different colors for each instrument line by line just like music sheets and the player can test-play from line x to line y
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