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    I would really appreciate it if anyone could make me a plugin or even know one that exist that is like the following description:

    Plugin Name: DividedWorlds

    What Plugin Does: It basically acts as if each world is a separate server (seperate chat, groups, perms, plugins, etc), to be honest basically like all the other servers have it like if you go to factions everything is different then skyblock.

    Plugin Commands:

    */diw seperate [Name of World] - Makes the world act like if it is a different server
    */diw combine [Name of World] - Makes the world normal again.
    */diw list - Shows all the worlds, and displays whether the world is seperated or normal.

    Plugin Perms:
    - dividedworlds.seperate
    - dividedworlds.combine
    - dividedworlds.list

    Thanks to anyone who can make this for me [cake] !
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    And PerWorldPlugins, WorldManager, any permissions plugin.
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