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    Ok, so here are my thoughts.

    On servers that may not have a lot of players on at the same time, but tend to have a few people every now and then, it's hard to keep track of player names. Personally, when talking to someone, I prefer to actually say their real name rather than their player name (I mean, some people have uber crazy names).

    This is my idea:
    Alongside existing join messages, display the player's alternate names/real name. This can be configured either privately (say I like to call one of my friends Bartman), or globally by a server op.

    What I mean:


    Of course, the first line would be either the default server message or one configured by a plugin like RoyalChat. The second would be part of this plugin. There's no reason to include that in this plugin.

    Configuration options:

    Command usage:

    'off' would disable the alternative name completely
    The other way this COULD be done is by having add/remove/list
    And also, just /altname <player> could show what the current alt name is.

    altname.set.self = Set your own real name
    altname.set.other = Set others' nickname (op only be default)
    altname.see.other = See others' nicknames

    File storage:
    There would have to be a global.yml file with globally set names, and a username.yml for each person who has customized other people's names for themselves.

    Other notes:
    If this could have Vault prefix capabilities too, that'd be awesome, but it's not a requirement.
    Colour code compatibility would be required though.

    Alternatively, make the alternate name a Vault suffix, that'd be awesome. ;D
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    I'll take a look at this and see what I can do.
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    Awesome, did you get a chance to touch on it?
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    Well I did but it completely failed afterwards. I still have the source but it's not working correctly. If i have some spare free time, i'll take a look at it.
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    If you need help feel free to ask. I'm bored lol
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    I have started a project much like this called "PlayerNames"
    Will update with details when working :p

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