Disguise Plugin For YouTubers!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by BTTFHamster, May 4, 2014.

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    Hey doods! here is my plugin request!

    Plugin category: Misc

    Suggested name: YTDisguise

    What I want: I would like a plugin that when you type in "/d" or "/disguise" your name changes to a randomly selected set of [FIRSTWORD][SECONDWORD][NUMBERS], when all sets of those are customizable in the config, so you can put a set of words in the first word, second word, and the numbers, so when you use "/disguise" (/d) it will randomly select one from each of these categories, then puts them together, to form a name that is then taken by the user, to change the TAB list, the Nameplate, and their chat name. I would also like it to not be able to press TAB in chat, to find the real players name.

    Ideas for commands: "/disguise" (Alias: "/d")

    Ideas for permissions: ytdisguise.use

    When I'd like it by: ASAP.
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    BTTFHamster A random name... and where will the names be pulled out of? A config? Please be more specific with your wish.
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    BetrayedQU not trying to be rude but next time read the post fully he explains what he wants in a fine way
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    Yes, this will be pulled out by a config, but instead of the names directly being pulled, it would pull out 3 parts for the names: one is the FIRSTNAME, (Ex. "Alli" in "AlliRocks125") then the SECONDNAME, (Ex. "Rocks" in "AlliRocks125"), then the THIRDNAME, (Ex. "125" in "AlliRocks125") but each one of these parts are in seperate configs, and can be added. So when you do "/d" it will pull the things out of each config.
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    And it will pull it out randomly? So, like:

    In config 1, I have:

    - Sean
    - Larry
    - Bob

    In config 2, I have:

    - Quantum
    - Shoes
    - Rockstar

    In config 3, I have:

    - Toes
    - Football
    - Craft

    And once the /d command is run, I could get a name like "SeanShoesToes" or "SeanQuantumFootball"?
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    Yes, this is exactly the way i want this.
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    BTTFHamster Workin in it :) it may need to be just one name bank though! I'm almost done! Talk to you soon!
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