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    I was looking at the plugins, and thought, WTF? No disease mods?
    basically, it would have a few possible disease causes, like hit mob, hit by mob, or eat item(maybe even a command for spell casters). Then you could could set its affects, like altering health, speed, jump height, or skills for mcmmo users. Finally, how you get rid of it, do you use an altar, or eat something, or wait?
    Also, perhaps groups/individuals could be immune/the only ones able to get specific diseases?

    Example causes include (these all include a configurable chance of getting the disease. they are configured by the text before the explanation, followed by the variables, seperated by spaces.):
    Near-Remain within <distance> blocks away from <block ID> block for <number> seconds
    Water-Be in water for <number> seconds
    Eat-Eat <food ID>
    Hit_by-Hit by <mob>
    Hit-Hit <mob>
    Command-Random command (perhaps good for magic or poison simulation?)
    Random- Randomly happens <number>% of the time (has a configurable amount of seconds between each check to see if anyone catches it)

    Example effects include (using negative numbers for skill will increase the skill, for you clerics. the same principle applies with other modifiers like Hit and Jump):
    Damage-<number> damage every <number> seconds
    Give-give <Item ID> every <number> seconds
    Take-take <number> points of <damage type> damage every <number> seconds (this works best with some kind of immunities plugin if anyone made one. it also would have configurable messages for each type of damage)
    Skill-Lose <number> points in the <Mcmmo skill> <temporarily/permanently> every <number> seconds (leave blank for a single, initial loss)
    Hit_pow- deal <number> less total damage with an empty hand
    Hit_bow-Deal <number> less damage by bow
    Jump- Jump <number> blocks high (0.5 for half block height)
    Speed- Move at <number>% speed

    Example cures include:
    Use-Use (right-click with) <amount> of <Item ID>
    Wait-Wait <number> seconds

    Using that, an example config for a disease using a name:cause:effect(s):cure:catch message:cure message (seperate multiple parts of each parameter with a comma(,)) set up would be:
    Severe Cold:Water 600:Damage 2 15,Speed 50:Wait 1200, Use 326 1:You caught a severe cold, you should stay inside for a while:You no longer feel stuffy and weak, its safe to say you're cured!

    This would create a disease called a Severe Cold that is caught by staying in water for 10 minutes. It will halve your walking speed and give one heart of damage every 15 seconds. It is cured once you have waited 20 minutes and used("drank") one bucket of water. When you catch it, it will say "You have caught a severe cold, you should stay inside for a while." and you are cured when it says "you no longer fell stuffy and weak, its safe to say you're cured!"
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    I was thinking about this for a long time.

    Common cold
    How to catch one: Stand in the rain for 2 minutes.
    Effect: You sneeze every 1 minute, dropping the item you're holding.
    Cure: Spend 5 minutes in the sun or max lighting.

    How to catch one:Stand in the rain for 10 minutes, or 5 minutes if you have a cold. It is also contagious - you can catch it if you pick up the item someone dropped after he sneezed (doubt this is possible though)
    Effect: You sneeze every 30 seconds, walk at an 80% speed and are unable to work (mcmmo, levelcraft, or simply denying the use of all tools (like realtools)).
    Cure: Mushroom soup

    How to catch one: Eat 2 pieces of raw meat within 10 minutes of each.
    Effect: You 'drop' dirt under you randomly every 1-2 minutes and lose half a heart.
    Cure: Slimeball - hey, no one knew it was useful!

    How to catch one: Random 25% chance when hit by a zombie while not wearing any armor.
    Effect: You walk at 60% speed, lose half a heart every 2 minutes.
    Cure: Two pieces of raw meat (see what I did there?)

    How to catch one: Get hit by a poisonous arrow, shot by a skeleton while not wearing any armor (yes, the arrows are regular, sounds cool though :p). 25% chance.
    Effect: Drop a bone every 5 minutes, losing 3 hearts.
    Cure: 3 cooked porkchops.

    How to catch one: Get hit by a slime - 100% chance.
    Effect: Randomly set yourself on fire every 1-5 minutes.
    Cure: Milk

    I could come up with more if needed. This sounds like a great fun plugin. Hope someone takes this one up.
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  3. Pretty nice idea, though i dont like the Cure of Affliction. also there should be a second possibility for cure in time. for example skeletosis will last for 15min only (9hearts). Fever for 5min. and so on...

    Also think this plugin may be pretty nice ;-)
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    I've started working on it today, i left it on my todo list. Expect a release within the next few days.
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    I think it would be better as a chance so it would be less predictable, but I love this idea
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    I saw what you did there

    And this sounds like a great idea, they could be a little more realistic tho
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    I love your ideas !
    That would be nice to add these ideas also :
    - broadcast a random message like "<PlayerX> just get <disease> ! Be kind with him and bring him a <desease_cure>.", for example "m5k just get diarrhea ! Be kind with him and bring him a SlimeBall."
    - A configuration file would allow us to customise/translate messages&desease.
    - Names would be coloured in different colors than text itself.
    - Support multiworld. For example a world would be very dangerous with high chances to get some deseases and maybe some unique deseases (some that can't be contracted in the normal world).
    - Custom diseases (name, damages/sec, protected if wearing armor true/false, walk slow down %, can use items on/off, event for being ill, chance to catch per world, list of items as a cure)
    - If the player was "protected by wearing an armor" and the desease has this parameter enabled, the chances to fall ill would be divided by the number of armor items that player wear (or something like that)...
    - Support for different events to fall ill (breath, drown, walk/jump, falling, shot by arrow, exploded, bite by a spider/wolf/zombie, eat X itemID, ...)

    Wonderful idea through and thank you Kitteh to make it a reality. :)
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    Hot damn, Sphax, those are some truly amazing additions.
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    I think it should be as simple as it can be for players to keep the fun with it.
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    Hi Kitteh ! Please, as soon as you get something which can be tested, redirect us to your main thread for your great plugin ! :)
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    Or send us a test version *wink* *wink*
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    I like how this basically became m3k's thread!
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    I sincerely apologize.
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    I added a few new things to elaborate, partially based on m5k's suggestions.
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    Someone would have to make a Adult Rated Mod for STI's then Lol, and it's not going to be me :)

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