[DISCONTINUED] ZeusRepair v0.1 - Repair your items with the power of Zeus! [711]

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    Download: [JAR] [ZIP]
    ZeusRepair is my second CraftBukkit plugin that allows you to call upon Zeus to invigorate you with lightning and repair all of the damaged items in your inventory. Being that this plugin is in a very early stage, the way the effect is generated can be quite dangerous! You might want to be standing in an open area around some blocks that don't burn while calling upon Zeus' mighty powers. You have been warned!

    Third-Party Plugin Support:
    • Permissions nodes that allow you to specify which groups may use the commands.
    • Configuration file that lets you specify OP-only if no Permissions was found and the ability to set if the command can only be used during thunderstorms.
    • Generates the lightning strike in a random location very, very close to you. This allows the plugin to not hurt you directly but possibly hurt the environment you are standing around.
    • /zeus <target> - Target optional! Applies the effect to yourself if no target is given. Applies the affect to another player if the target is specified.
    Permissions nodes:
    • zeusrepair.zeus - Allows players to use the /zeus command to only apply the effect to themselves.
    • zeusrepair.zeus.other - Allows you to apply the effect to other players using /zeus <target>.
    v0.1 (April 23, 2011)
    • Initial plugin release.
    • No known problems with CraftBukkit [711] and Permissions 2.7.
    • Disable lightning damage if at ever possible.
    • iConomy support that will use coins as an "offering".
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    WOW WOW, great plugin no comments yet. Cant wait for iconomy suport!
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    Would like to see a configurable cooldown to use /zeus.

    Very well done btw, im having fun just using myself :p

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