[Discontinued][ECON] mGold v1.26 - Shop that uses gold ingots [1000]

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    mGold - Shop that uses gold ingots

    Version: 1.26
    craftbukkit: #1000

    mGold is a simple shop plugin. it uses gold ingots as currency but i can be change to anything. item a players sells do not disappear form there inventory before someone else buy it. a chest can be used as "bank" so the player don't need to go around with them, but the items can't be teleported between player and chest

    Latest version
    mGold.jar (Alt)
    All mGold versions
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * /shop list

    - * Show a list of the items name and precises
    - /shop setchest
    * Set a chest as a bank chest
    - /shop sell <item/id> <amount> <cost>
    * sell a item
    - /shop buy <item/id> <amount> <max cost>
    * buy a item
    * max cost not necessary
    - /shop remove <item/id>
    * remove a item from the shop
    - /shop count <item/id>
    * count a item
    * "c" counts money
    - /shop iadd <item>
    * add a custom name to the item the player have in hes/shes are holding in
    - /shop iremove <item>
    * remove custom item name that was added with iadd

    Keywords that commands uses
    * C are currency
    * H are the item you are holding
    * ALL is all items you have of that type

    1. download
    2. put mGold.jar in plugin forlder

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">If you haved mGold before 1.2 remove the mGold folder in plugins</font>

    * mGold.sell = allow selling
    * mGold.buy = allow buying
    * mGold.setchest= allow setting chest
    * mGold.iadd = allow players to use iadd
    * mGold.iremove = allow players to use iremove

    If all mGold.* is off then mGold is disabled for that user/group

    Know bugs:
    * none

    * version 1.26

    - * Fixed for bukkit build 1000

    * version 1.25

    - * Added iadd to add item names that can be used in the shop
    * Added iremove to remove item names that is added by iadd
    * Added leaves (aka item id 18) to allow it to have damage then sold
    * Added iremove and iadd with permissions settings

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    version 1.22
    * Updated to the bukkit build 928
    * Changed save file so it converts to version 1.3 (then its coming out)

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    version 1.21
    * Updated to the bukkit build 860

    Show Spoiler
    version 1.2
    * Added multi-world support
    * Fixed key worlds H and ALL
    * Changed save file

    Show Spoiler
    version 1.1
    * Added new save format
    * Added permissions support
    * Fixed so now double chest works
    * Remove nether items from npc shop

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    version 1.0
    * Fixed a item destroying bug
    * Fixed a rare infinite loop

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    version 0.99.1
    * Fixed a Linux loading problem

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    version 0.99
    * Fixed so items stays on the shop after reload and restart of the server
    * Added support for items id

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    version 0.98
    * Fixed bug with keyword H and ALL
    * Fixed crash then command /reload was used

    - * Moved all required files to plugins/mGold folder
    - Fixed plugin disable it self on start up error
    - Removed command /shop reload

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    version 0.97
    * Fixed for bukkit build 740
    * Added better name to item code
    * Added new command "/shop setchest"
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    how do i buy stuff ? do i type /buy <diamond ore> <10> <30.0>? it says anmout is invaild
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    it would be
    /shop buy diamond ore 10 30
    /buy diamond ore 10 30

    it isn't necessary to add a max value (the 30) then you buy
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    I have two issues.

    1. By default mGold has infinite diamonds/iron ignots for sale. I want to disable this, how can i go about doing this?
    2. Is it safe to give all players the mgold.* permission node?

    Thanks. (Please respond ASAP. I have a server full of players waiting :D )
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    1. Go in to mGold.properties and change npcSell=265:0:2,264:0:20 to npcSell=
    2.I don't know i would recommend to give players everything except iremove and iadd, the ony thing they really can do if they have mGold.* is adding name to items that show up in the shop
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    If i would like to get different prices in different shops (i'm using CommandSigns to allow people buying stuff only when they are in the shop), how would I achieve this?
    Would it be too much work/may cause problems/is it possible? :D

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