[Discontinued][ECON] mGold v1.26 - Shop that uses gold ingots [1000]

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    mGold - Shop that uses gold ingots

    Version: 1.26
    craftbukkit: #1000

    mGold is a simple shop plugin. it uses gold ingots as currency but i can be change to anything. item a players sells do not disappear form there inventory before someone else buy it. a chest can be used as "bank" so the player don't need to go around with them, but the items can't be teleported between player and chest

    Latest version
    mGold.jar (Alt)
    All mGold versions
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * /shop list

    - * Show a list of the items name and precises
    - /shop setchest
    * Set a chest as a bank chest
    - /shop sell <item/id> <amount> <cost>
    * sell a item
    - /shop buy <item/id> <amount> <max cost>
    * buy a item
    * max cost not necessary
    - /shop remove <item/id>
    * remove a item from the shop
    - /shop count <item/id>
    * count a item
    * "c" counts money
    - /shop iadd <item>
    * add a custom name to the item the player have in hes/shes are holding in
    - /shop iremove <item>
    * remove custom item name that was added with iadd

    Keywords that commands uses
    * C are currency
    * H are the item you are holding
    * ALL is all items you have of that type

    1. download
    2. put mGold.jar in plugin forlder

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">If you haved mGold before 1.2 remove the mGold folder in plugins</font>

    * mGold.sell = allow selling
    * mGold.buy = allow buying
    * mGold.setchest= allow setting chest
    * mGold.iadd = allow players to use iadd
    * mGold.iremove = allow players to use iremove

    If all mGold.* is off then mGold is disabled for that user/group

    Know bugs:
    * none

    * version 1.26

    - * Fixed for bukkit build 1000

    * version 1.25

    - * Added iadd to add item names that can be used in the shop
    * Added iremove to remove item names that is added by iadd
    * Added leaves (aka item id 18) to allow it to have damage then sold
    * Added iremove and iadd with permissions settings

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    version 1.22
    * Updated to the bukkit build 928
    * Changed save file so it converts to version 1.3 (then its coming out)

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    version 1.21
    * Updated to the bukkit build 860

    Show Spoiler
    version 1.2
    * Added multi-world support
    * Fixed key worlds H and ALL
    * Changed save file

    Show Spoiler
    version 1.1
    * Added new save format
    * Added permissions support
    * Fixed so now double chest works
    * Remove nether items from npc shop

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    version 1.0
    * Fixed a item destroying bug
    * Fixed a rare infinite loop

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    version 0.99.1
    * Fixed a Linux loading problem

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    version 0.99
    * Fixed so items stays on the shop after reload and restart of the server
    * Added support for items id

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    version 0.98
    * Fixed bug with keyword H and ALL
    * Fixed crash then command /reload was used

    - * Moved all required files to plugins/mGold folder
    - Fixed plugin disable it self on start up error
    - Removed command /shop reload

    Show Spoiler
    version 0.97
    * Fixed for bukkit build 740
    * Added better name to item code
    * Added new command "/shop setchest"
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    ops :S i did not test that. but change the npcSell to this npcSell=-1:0:0
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    You could add such features as:
    "Items_to_Sell_Allowed = ItemID: DAMAGE:AMOUNT: PRISE_for_amount"
    "Items_to_Buy_Allowed = ItemID: DAMAGE:AMOUNT: PRISE_for_amount"

    I would do, so that players can only sell diamonds in the shop (1 diamond = 10 gold). In addition, I would set so that players can buy different things just for the gold at a certain price.

    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 3:55 PM ---
    In addition:
    You could add an option that will allow us to change any text that appears when using commands.
    --- merged: Feb 12, 2011 3:59 PM ---
    I also have a question:
    Where should I place the file 'mGold.properities'?
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    the "mGold.properities" should be next to "server.properties", and sure i can do so it is possible to edit the text, but the "Items_to_*_Allowed" i'm not really sure what you mean

    for now it is possible to set a item that always is in the shop and it is possible to ban items from the shop
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    It would be great!
    What I mean is that you can set which items are to buy in the store and how many pieces you can only buy and at what price. Similarly, when selling. Option to set which item can be sold to the store and how many pieces at the same time the minimum and at what price.

    1) In the shop you can buy wool, but always after 10 pieces and at the price of 2 gold. Thus, if I type "/ shop buy wool 1 " (1 as a package of 10 pieces of wool) will take me 2Gold, and add 10 pieces of wool to the inventory.
    Thus, in the code to save an option:
    itemstobuy = (ID: DAMAGE: AMOUNT: PRISE)
    - '35: 0:10:2 '

    2) Items for sale in the shop. Option to set how the object can be sold in the store, how many pieces a minimum and the amount of gold that a player gets for selling. Thus, if I type "/ shop sell coal 1" (1 as a package of 32 pieces), I get 10 gold, and equipment will take me 32 pieces of coal (1 pack).
    Thus, in the code to save an option:
    itemstosell = (ID: DAMAGE: AMOUNT: PRISE)
    - '263: 0:32:10 '
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    This mod isn't working for me, i'm running version 323
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    Thanks, I'll try it when I get home (In Computer Science class at the moment :D)
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 8:49 PM ---
    Sweet, works. The people in my server seem to like it, only been on for like 5 minutes though.
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    Could you please post a list of what items are called with this mod, or allow the use of data values instead of words? I spent ages trying to figure out what you called diamond shovels before I realized I could use /shop count h, and that's quite tedious. :/

    A file that allowed us to define what something is called would also be helpful. :)
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    You could just type "/shop sell h <amount> <price>" but i think i will do so the data values work. i don't remember why i took take out but it was some reason
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    I was trying to sell a spare diamond shovel, and had 2 in my inventory. /shop count h told me I had 0, and attempting /shop sell h 1 5 told me I didn't have enough 1, if I remember correctly. I will test again later and give you a more complete result, but some things simply didn't seem to register with the mod. Torches and steps also turned up as 0 with /shop count h, I think.
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    for me "h" works perfect. but why any tools/armor that are damaged can not be sold so that is why it say 0 then you still have 2 on you
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    That would be fine, but neither was damaged at all. I suspect it might be some conflict with the mod we use to stop tool damage.... :/
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    can you say what mod you use (or link me to it) and so i fix the conflict? i'm think i know what i need to do but im not sure
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    Npc means non playable character xD means that an npc is controlling the shop?
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    no not really i just din't know what to call it :p so npc was the best i could come up with :p
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    new version uploaded :) now people can use chest in to shop (to sell/receive items from)
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    How can i set a chest ? /shop setchest ? but after ?
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    left click on a chest
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    Yes i did that, but after how can i sell object with the chest ?
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    just use /sell or /shops sell as normal it will take and put things in the chest automatic. you can try if it work by having something in the chest that you do not have on the player and take /shop count <item name> and see if it says of you have any of that item
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    Thanks you for answer.

    But i have an other problem, for sell item. When i try to sell something, this sentence always appears "You have too many unique items on sale" ? maybe i do something wrong, but i don't know what.
    can you give me an exemple for sell a item ?

    ( Excuse my, but english is not my nativ language )
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    25 downloads and no one reports it -.- any way thx :D it was a bug. i uploaded a fixed version of the plugin
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    No problem ! But i've still a problem [​IMG] ! When i sell an item, it stay in my inventory, then i someone buy it ,i get this item, but i keep it , and i not receive any gold !

    In any case, you've done a great job, and your plugin is the most realistic of bukkit ! (i love gold as currency [​IMG])
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    1. have you any of the items you sell in your shop chest?
    2. do you have a shop chest

    the way the plugin works is it always uses the shop chest's inventory first before the players inventory. so if you sell 10 cubblestone and have 20 in the chest and 10 on you, then someone buy the cubblestone it will put the gold in the chest and take the cubblestone from the chest
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    I haven't any item in my chest, and when i've this item in my chest, /shop doesn't work, that say, i don't have that much of that item. And no gold put in my chest when i sell something :s
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    ok. tomorrow i get working and see why (01:30am here)
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    I understand ! i'm on the same timezone ;) !
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    Is it possible to change the use of gold bars to say? Slimeballs?
    So slimeballs are used as currency instead of gold?
    I say slimeballs because they cannot be crafted. There skin can be changed to a coin, and with iMonster all monsters can drop them
    Just an idea.
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    it is possible once i fix the version 0.95
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    I'm getting this error when I try to use mgold, which is sad cus it looks like the economy mod I want.


    Any ideas? Am I missing something simple here?

    I have the newest bukkit. (beta 1.3)

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