[Discontinued][ECON] mGold v1.26 - Shop that uses gold ingots [1000]

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    mGold - Shop that uses gold ingots

    Version: 1.26
    craftbukkit: #1000

    mGold is a simple shop plugin. it uses gold ingots as currency but i can be change to anything. item a players sells do not disappear form there inventory before someone else buy it. a chest can be used as "bank" so the player don't need to go around with them, but the items can't be teleported between player and chest

    Latest version
    mGold.jar (Alt)
    All mGold versions
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * /shop list

    - * Show a list of the items name and precises
    - /shop setchest
    * Set a chest as a bank chest
    - /shop sell <item/id> <amount> <cost>
    * sell a item
    - /shop buy <item/id> <amount> <max cost>
    * buy a item
    * max cost not necessary
    - /shop remove <item/id>
    * remove a item from the shop
    - /shop count <item/id>
    * count a item
    * "c" counts money
    - /shop iadd <item>
    * add a custom name to the item the player have in hes/shes are holding in
    - /shop iremove <item>
    * remove custom item name that was added with iadd

    Keywords that commands uses
    * C are currency
    * H are the item you are holding
    * ALL is all items you have of that type

    1. download
    2. put mGold.jar in plugin forlder

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">If you haved mGold before 1.2 remove the mGold folder in plugins</font>

    * mGold.sell = allow selling
    * mGold.buy = allow buying
    * mGold.setchest= allow setting chest
    * mGold.iadd = allow players to use iadd
    * mGold.iremove = allow players to use iremove

    If all mGold.* is off then mGold is disabled for that user/group

    Know bugs:
    * none

    * version 1.26

    - * Fixed for bukkit build 1000

    * version 1.25

    - * Added iadd to add item names that can be used in the shop
    * Added iremove to remove item names that is added by iadd
    * Added leaves (aka item id 18) to allow it to have damage then sold
    * Added iremove and iadd with permissions settings

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    version 1.22
    * Updated to the bukkit build 928
    * Changed save file so it converts to version 1.3 (then its coming out)

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    version 1.21
    * Updated to the bukkit build 860

    Show Spoiler
    version 1.2
    * Added multi-world support
    * Fixed key worlds H and ALL
    * Changed save file

    Show Spoiler
    version 1.1
    * Added new save format
    * Added permissions support
    * Fixed so now double chest works
    * Remove nether items from npc shop

    Show Spoiler
    version 1.0
    * Fixed a item destroying bug
    * Fixed a rare infinite loop

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    version 0.99.1
    * Fixed a Linux loading problem

    Show Spoiler
    version 0.99
    * Fixed so items stays on the shop after reload and restart of the server
    * Added support for items id

    Show Spoiler
    version 0.98
    * Fixed bug with keyword H and ALL
    * Fixed crash then command /reload was used

    - * Moved all required files to plugins/mGold folder
    - Fixed plugin disable it self on start up error
    - Removed command /shop reload

    Show Spoiler
    version 0.97
    * Fixed for bukkit build 740
    * Added better name to item code
    * Added new command "/shop setchest"
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    This is just what I've been looking for, but the download says it's invalid!
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    Now I'll testing, but download link is broken(invalid)

    Fix plz.
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    it should be fixed now
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    I would love to see a localized shop version of this for real storefronts :).
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    I would love this, if only it were the /shop integrated with iConomy though.
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    Like instead of commands you can just put up a chest and put a sign on top of the chest saying /buy 1 1 1 and that would turn to [stone] with the price under it and when someone put the amount of the gold that it says on the sign and close the chest and hit the sign the gold in the chest turns into the object being sold
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    why not just use tradeCraft?

    new version uploaded. i just added a settings file so it is possible to change max item in shop and the command so it do not need to use /shop it can be change for example to /mgold

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    Because tradecraft is not out yet and yours im similar a litte
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    Ohh sorry dint see it was on the hMod. well i think i could. but the are 3 reasons i cant do it now

    1. eventRightClick dont work
    2. i dont want to steal some one else mod (even if i recoding it)
    3. i dont know how to save a variable after a server shutdown
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    well maybe instead of putting it in a chest you just left click the a sign
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    Is there a way where you can isolate an area to where you can use this plugin? For instance if you make a marketplace/shop and it's where people can only buy it?
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    I like that idéa :) i can see what i can do.
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    Awesomesauce. [​IMG]
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    Really like what this plugin provides!

    Would love to see some features like tradecraft. physical chest shops were awesome!
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    new HotFix. fixed a bug so it was possible to clone tools, armor and wool

    well i dont want to do that for if he ports his mod... :/
  19. For some reason this breaks MagicCarpet plugin, i need to move mGold plugin out of my plugin folder, then start the server, then put it back, and then enable it by typing "/plugin load mGold" with the essential plugin.
    if i dont start my server like that, then i cant use mGold and MagicCarpet at the same time, a little annoying...
    cus i sometimes i need to restart server only from console.. and then its hard to move the files...
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    Odd. i tested it with MagicCarpet 1.3 and it worked. i made a small update to mGold so try downloading it again and see if it getting fixed
  21. I used MagicCarpet 1.4, i need to use that version to use permission system, i use the /pr to promte ppl whitout restart, and that does not work if i cant use the latest version.
    Is there not a easier fix then downgrading my MagicCarpet?
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    I test with the MagicCarpet 1.4 and i think it worked (i dint know how the permission plugin works) . but it seams to work i got the text then i was typing /mc and "/shop help" worked. so try the download mgold again i made a hidden update
  23. mGold does not seems to work when u are trying to sell items in craftbukkit version 187,
    (but i got it to work together with MagicCarpet in a previous version, thx)
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    Nice to see what's coming up in the updates.
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    I'm finally done with mGold 0.9 for bukkit. now it just need to port it to hMod. it was a lot to test to i don't know if i got everything. i was recode the mod, Im will be glad to get any feedback

    i think i make trade its own mod later
  26. Wow. Awesome plugin :) I like the work. Any chance of being able to "Earn Gold" just from playing? So the longer you are on, the more gold you get (customisable of course... Customisable for each seperate group.. I know it's pushing being too similar to iConomy.. But I like it xD.. Plus iConomy doesn't have "Multiple group" earning methods everyone gets the same!)
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    i will not do that, it is so easy. it it just to stand afk and get gold
  28. Is there a way to tell if a player is AFK? Maybe only breaking blocks or building blocks gets you time? I agree that makes things WAY TOO EASY (hence I'm trying to find a replacement for iConomy)
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    Now is mGold 0.91 out that fixed all problems i have on my list

    well i could make something a player need to walk like 1000 block to get gold. but if i do that i do not make it in the mGold mod
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    How do I disable the npc store? Every method I've tried either hasn't worked or has errored out the server

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