Disconnected by server: Internal server error. Select few cannot join.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by JukkaTibbs, Apr 24, 2013.

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    :)Hiya, First thanks for coming to read this. I have a Moderator and a Donator to my server ran by MinecraftServer.net, 20 slots. and running with craftbukkit 1.5, in a BETA build atm of typing this out I believe. I have noticed a few things wrong with how my Multiworld plugin switches between worlds is a bit different from how It used to work and how the intructions of it tells it to be.
    Anyways, that could link to this problem but

    What is a cause or causes to the Disconnected by Server: Internal Server Error, code?

    If you have any knowledge or could narrow down my searching it would be much appreciated.
    Thanks again for reading, JukkaTibbs~
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    Sounds Pex like, can you paste your plugin list?
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    when it says "Internal Server Error" it will have posted the error in your server.log file
    If you send us your log we can have a look(and find out what you problem is)
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    Well I got my plugin list open I can tell ya them now.
    JumpPorts - Which I could take out, I don't use them anymore. :p
    Multiverse-Core |
    MultiverseInventories | These two I could take out also.
    PEX - Along with teh Chatmanager and Modifyworld Jar's
    And then there's HomeConvert.py Which I don't really know what that is.

    Then I'll take a look in the Server.log file, I would prolly send it to the MinecraftServer.net first though, Idk If that contains valuable info. I'll look into that before I upload that file.
    But thanks for any help. Maybe if it is sounding PEX like I'll look into that some a bitty more.
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    PEX - Along with teh Chatmanager and Modifyworld Jar's

    Post the error from server.log (as said above) and paste your pex permissions file on pastebin
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