disconnect.overflow for players in US

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by godgodgodgo, Jan 17, 2013.

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    I have quite an intensive map with huge custom generations etc.
    It would seem that when certain people who live in the US enter an especially crazy biome they get dicsonnected and then after joining back in they immediately get kicked with the message on their client "connection lost Internal exception:Java.net.socketexception: connection reset" (reported by one player, not sure all)

    The only way to fix this issue for a player is to delete their player.dat file to reset their location as there is no time to teleport them before they disconnect (obviously you can edit player.dat too)

    I have a position where I know it will definitely disconnect players who have this issue. I placed a spare account I have in this location and was fine, I then got a player with the issue to log into the exact same account and they experienced the connection issue.

    Player joining then losing connection: http://pastebin.com/FEYiFZeL

    Connection test with WinMTR (player 1): http://pastebin.com/aZiKnLxQ

    I'll post a connection test from another player, just have to find it first.

    I'm using spigot #396 (latest RB)

    Does anyone know how to fix this or have any ideas?

    Just got another user who had the problem to login with the spare account and the problem still occured, it's certainly not based on accounts.

    Does anyone know what disconnect.overflow actually means and what causes it?

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    Try lowering your view-distance in server.properties. It has something to do with the amount of packets being sent, if I recall.
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