Disabling Factions in a specific world

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ChristianR, Mar 12, 2013.

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    I have recently gotten Survivalgames for my server.

    Factions is interfereing with this, not letting players of the same faction hurt each other, or allies hurt each other.

    I need a way to disable this in the world I am using to host the hunger games, or just to disable factions completely in a specific world.
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    If you are using PermissionsEx use this command ingame

    /pex group (group name) add (Faction create node) (world which you want factions).
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    That doesnt solve the issue with already created factions.


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    I guess you will have to go and delete them yourselves, but my solution does solve further issues with factions created in the world. You did not specify that factions had already been created.
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    I said that I needed allys and members of the same faction not being able to hurt eachother disabled.

    I assumed you would know that there were already factions created.
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    Okay wait you want players to create factions in SurvivalGames?
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    I want players and allies to take damage from each other, and I dont want factions to be able to claim land.
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    Look in the config, you can change all of that per world.
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    I see

    "worldsNoClaiming": [],
    "worldsNoPowerLoss": [],
    "worldsIgnorePvP": [],

    I dont understand what "worldsIgnorePvP" means. Is this what im looking for?
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    Why don't you check the Factions dev page...
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    Go into you're console and type: /op ago192 (im just kidding :D )

    What is your server ip? I may be able to help you in you're server.
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    I have already done this, but the explanation of that specific feature is VERY vague.


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    Create a seperate map of you have not already. You can also set warzones to have friendly fire and disable faction powerloss.
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    Now the issue is that my Factions config is not saving. After I restart my server it completely resets to default.
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    I'm not understanding this situation. You WANT factions in your SuvivalGames but you DON'T want allies and foes and such?
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    If at all possible, I want Factions DISABLED for a specific world; But I know there is no config option for this, and is not possible.

    What I am saying is that I want people in the SAME faction and ALLIED factions to be able to hurt eachother. I CANNOT change config options because my config is now not saving.
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    Then you can't do it.
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    What you just said made so little sense its ridiculous.
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    In game, type:
    /f config worldsNoPowerLost false <Name of world>
    /f config worldsIgnorePvP true <Name of world>
    /f config worldsNoClaiming true <Name of world>
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    /f config worldsNoPowerLost false world
    18:05:33 [INFO] Unknown command. Type "help" for help.
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    Joereider, you almost have it right. You do not need the 'true' or 'false' boolean, because the configurations themselves are only there to disable them. Allow me to correct your commands, as well as fix the typo in the first one ( flyinggoatman ).

    /f config worldsNoPowerLoss <world name>
    /f config worldsIgnorePvP <world name>
    /f config worldsNoClaiming <world name>
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    When I use the "PerWorldPlugins" plugin, I can disable factions but doing this will leave the chat with the faction tag code to show. I'm using essentials chat. And because the latest factions doesn't work with essentials you need to add the faction tag code in the chat format witch is mucking everything up. Is there a way to fix it so my chat doesn't have the factions tag code in chat in the world I've disabled it on? I don't want to get rid of Essentials chat because I've spent so long setting everything up for it.
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    Dear lord people. If you're using the latest Factions plugin and MCCore, go to the folder which should be next to your world folders and plugin folder called 'mstore'. Then go to the folder 'factions_mconf' and open 'instance.json'. Somewhere in that file should be 'WorldsIgnorePvP, WorldsNoPowerLoss, and WorldsNoClaiming'. These three things basically disable Factions itself if you put the desired world to leave it out in. Problem solved. Another way would be to use complex permissions and remove the factions permissions on a desired world. Look this up 'per world permissions' if you do not understand.
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