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    Is there way to disable to many items in my server?...i have creative's player that can't use chest...but they can bypass this block changing gamemode with the toomanyitem's menĂ¹ when they have chest opened in survival mode..so they can put in everithing that they have prepared before in creative's inventory..sry 4 my bad english :)
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    Hi ! I've got the same question !
    If someone can find us help ?

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    People cant spawn items in TooManyItems without having the /give <player> <Item> and with that command they could do it without toomanyitems anyway...
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    yea but in my server i have a creative's players...and i have blocked their functions like open chest or interact with other things to prevent share things to other suvival's players..i use CreativeControl..but with toomanyitems they can bypass all blocks..becouse they open the chest in surv, and once opened the chest they change their gamemode using the toomanyitems's menĂ¹...with the chest still opened!! so they can now put in everything they want..from creative inv to chest.. :(
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    They cannot spawn items with TooManyItems without having the permission do. thats what im saying
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    look its easy dont give em permissions to spawn tem wih toomanyitems an maybefor other suf multinv can help an i you want to let them spawm stuff but not toomanyitems use essentials the /i item command is amazing
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    i just want block that they can change mode during interact..like when they have a chest still opened..
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    Ban them. I guess that works.
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    Only ops can use toomamyitems, so I guess no need to worry. Anyway, you can't really control what they do, cheating in minecraft is like almost normal lol
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    But the button int toomanyitems menu for switch gamemode, work for who have the permissions essentials.gm..i just want to block that this can be make through toomanyitems..
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    Sorry I don't know what to do...
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    Ok what perms pluggins are you running? If you can create negative nodes in your plugin then just do the one you dont want them doing eg: - -towny.admin* to disable towny admin commands. I use group manager on my own server.

    I also use - modelock.gamemode
    Link: here
    Place the node I mentioned above in the people who ARE meant to be allowed to use creative and the people WITHOUT the node will be locked in their gamemode. No more annoying cheating.

    If people cheat then remove the creative rights... (thats what i did on mine)

    The original thread I found this stuff in: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/55181/creative-mode-permissions-nodes

    Hope this helps. L
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    Ah, I see well here is the way most servers do it without trouble.

    You get caught, you don't have creative.
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    From my understanding, TooManyItems is just /give except with pictures. When you click on the picture, the mod basically automatically types /give and gives you the block. If the player does not have /give in there perms, then TMI will not successfully work.

    I don't know if that's what you're looking for or not, but there's a summary of TMI. :p
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    No he is trying to stop players in creative from giving survival players items. He has blocked chest's and stuff but, what they can do go into survival go into a chest then within the chest go into creative mode which since there already in the chest no checks are made so they bypass all the checks and can still cheat. I understand you not understanding though its not written well.
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    I use Essentials and Admincmd (disabled most commands) but still with all perms on give (TMI won't work do you know why? or what perm to get it to work? )
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