Disable player inventory click problem?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by spurkle, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Hi. It's me again, haha :3

    I am trying to make so player wont be able to move items in his inventory in slots 7 & 8 and i used this to do that:
    1. if (e.getSlot() == 8 || e.getSlot() == 7)
    2. e.setCancelled(true);

    But this turned out to disable the 7 & 8 slots in other inventories like chest. I tried fixing this with an if statement & inventory name check
    1. if(!(e.getInventory().getName() == "Chest") || !(e.getInventory().getName() == "Large Chest")){
    2. if (e.getSlot() == 8 || e.getSlot() == 7)
    3. e.setCancelled(true);
    4. }

    But it is not working. I tried to check if inventory name is "Inventory" and cancel the event, but it is not working either.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks ;3
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    Don't use the "= =" operator on non-primitive /enum types, use the method equals.
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    e.getInventory() always returns the top inventory. You want to use e.getSlot(), and if it's different from e.getRawSlot(), then it's the bottom inventory.
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    Okay. But it wont fix this problem.
    1. if(!(e.getInventory().getName().equals("Chest")) || !(e.getInventory().getName().equals("Large Chest"))){
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    Just check if the inventory is a PlayerInventory using the instanceof keyword
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    1. if(inv.getHolder() instanceof Player){
    3. }
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    Thanks! This worked.

    EDIT: It worked with chests, but does not work with a custom inventory i created. Any Ideas?

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