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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by si7vder, Apr 20, 2016.

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    I am having problems with the Frost Walker enchant and I need to find a way to just disable the whole enchantment.

    I found a plugin that sort of does this (Anti-Enchant) but the plugin is super outdated and the author isn't going to update for a while so it only works with 1.8 enchants.

    In the mean time I am looking for some way to just disable the enchantment.
    My world is made in 1.8 so it won't spawn any chests with this enchantment however villagers can still have the possibility to trade the Frost Walker enchant.

    So a plugin that just disables villagers from getting the Frost Walker enchant or a plugin that can disable the Frost Walker book being used in an enchantment table would be perfect.
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    @si7vder Frost Walker can't be used in an enchantment table, it's a 'treasure enchantment' meaning it can only be found on books in chests or from villagers.
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    Yes, thanks for the information.

    So let me correct what I said: So a plugin that just disables villagers from getting the Frost Walker enchant or a plugin that can disable the Frost Walker book being used in an anvil would be perfect.
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    @si7vder And now, may I ask why it is you want to remove it? It's one of the fun features in 1.9 and AFAIK can't cause problems, as any Frosted Ice, by design, turns back into water when a player moves off of it.
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    This is a thread for plugin requests and I am not sure if you are here to help or mock me but lately every post I make hasn't had the appropriate answers but many off topic comments and questions. It is annoying, to say the least.

    But answering your question (because why not):
    "It's one of the fun features in 1.9" doesn't mean that goes for every server, my server isn't a normal survival server and being able to walk over water is a HUGE problem interfering with out gameplay mechanisms.

    Myself I've been trying to find ways to block the book from showing up in villager trades or just make it so it's not useable on boots but to no avail.

    EDIT: Not sure if this helps, it doesn't help me but maybe someone who can make a plugin: https://hub.spigotmc.org/stash/proj...mits/a09454032a06eeeb9e405167a9a4aff02b4ce0f9
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    @si7vder I never mock. Nobody here does. The questions and comments aren't off topic, they're making sure that you actually need the plugin before it is made. And don't take that the wrong way, but many users request plugins who haven't tried already existing ones or don't actually need the feature that the plugin would fulfill.
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    I tested the plugin on both 1.9 and 1.9.2 but it doesn't disable or stop the FrostWalker.
    In the console there are no errors at all and the plugin loads properly.
    Thanks for trying though, it's a tough one.
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    @si7vder Are you using any other plugin related to blocks? I tested the plugin on a clean Bukkit 1.9.0 install, and it disables the enchantment.

    EDIT: Have you seen all the enabling messages of the plugin?

    It works, as stated in the video:
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    @ElCreeperHD First of all, a couple of noob mistakes in the plugin. Don't use Bukkit.getLogger(), just use getLogger() and it'll get one specifically for your plugin. Also, don't log enable or disable messages, Bukkit does that for you.
    But, what @si7vder is asking is for the book to not exist. You can't get it from villager trades, you can't get it from mineshafts, you can't apply it to armor if you somehow have it. You have instead disabled its functionality, which is a viable alternative, but given what he requested, requires explanation since it wouldn't work for him at first glance.
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    Ok thanks a lot, I had to remove all my plugins one by one and one of my enchanting plugins overwrote yours.
    I made them both compatible and it's all good now, it works like it should.

    And btw what was causing me problems was the ability to walk across water, basically ruining the gameplay we had intended (people get teleported etc when they touch water).
    But this fixes that, thanks a lot!
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    Yes, I know there is no reason to log enable/disable + usage of Bukkit.getLogger(). But I do it everytime!
    About functionality, sorry, thats true!

    @si7vder No problem!
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    @ElCreeperHD I'm confused as to what you're saying. Are you saying that you're doing it anyway, knowing it is bad practices and useless?
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    @pie_flavor I don't want to start thread chat. But, yes, I do that everytime. However, there is nothing wrong with doing that.
    About logger, why not do it?
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    @ElCreeperHD Yes there is something wrong, since Bukkit does it for you, it unnecessarily spams the logs. For the logger, different implementations can mean that the log won't look the same as you're writing it.
    And are you actually saying that you want to write extra code which is pointless, hacky, and wasteful which is also extra work/time instead of just not writing it?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    And with that we will end this offtopic conversation.
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