Solved Disable Dynmap Caves?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by CoxBlox, Sep 7, 2013.

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    Hello intelligent people of the Bukkit help forums, I've tried time and time again to hide or disable the "cave maps" that dynmap gives people the option of viewing, and time and time again; I've failed. I've tried deleting the class and it still didn't work. I tried removing caves in the "world.txt" file and that didn't work, I've exhausted all options, can someone help me?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Moved to correct section.
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    timtower Hello Tim :)
    I've read that and followed the instructions, here is my config.txt:
    # All paths in this configuration file are relative to Dynmap's data-folder: minecraft_server/plugins/dynmap/
    # All map templates are defined in the templates directory
    # To use the HDMap very-low-res (2 ppb) map templates as world defaults, set value to vlowres
    #  The definitions of these templates are in normal-vlowres.txt, nether-vlowres.txt, and the_end-vlowres.txt
    # To use the HDMap low-res (4 ppb) map templates as world defaults, set value to lowres
    #  The definitions of these templates are in normal-lowres.txt, nether-lowres.txt, and the_end-lowres.txt
    # To use the HDMap hi-res (16 ppb) map templates (these can take a VERY long time for initial fullrender), set value to hires
    #  The definitions of these templates are in normal-hires.txt, nether-hires.txt, and the_end-hires.txt
    # To use the HDMap low-res (4 ppb) map templates, with support for boosting resolution selectively to hi-res (16 ppb), set value to low_boost_hi
    #  The definitions of these templates are in normal-low_boost_hi.txt, nether-low_boost_hi.txt, and the_end-low_boost_hi.txt
    # To use the HDMap hi-res (16 ppb) map templates, with support for boosting resolution selectively to vhi-res (32 ppb), set value to hi_boost_vhi
    #  The definitions of these templates are in normal-hi_boost_vhi.txt, nether-hi_boost_vhi.txt, and the_end-hi_boost_vhi.txt
    # To use the HDMap hi-res (16 ppb) map templates, with support for boosting resolution selectively to xhi-res (64 ppb), set value to hi_boost_xhi
    #  The definitions of these templates are in normal-hi_boost_xhi.txt, nether-hi_boost_xhi.txt, and the_end-hi_boost_xhi.txt
    deftemplatesuffix: hi_boost_vhi
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientConfigurationComponent
      - class: org.dynmap.InternalClientUpdateComponent
        sendhealth: true
        sendposition: true
        allowwebchat: false
        webchat-interval: 5
        hidewebchatip: false
        trustclientname: false
        includehiddenplayers: false
        # (optional) if true, player login IDs will be used for web chat when their IPs match
        use-player-login-ip: true
        # (optional) if use-player-login-ip is true, setting this to true will cause chat messages not matching a known player IP to be ignored
        require-player-login-ip: false
        # (optional) block player login IDs that are banned from chatting
        block-banned-player-chat: true
        # Require login for web-to-server chat (requires login-enabled: true)
        webchat-requires-login: false
        # If set to true, users must have dynmap.webchat permission in order to chat
        webchat-permissions: false
        # Limit length of single chat messages
        chatlengthlimit: 256
      #  # Optional - make players hidden when they are inside/underground/in shadows (#=light level: 0=full shadow,15=sky)
      #  hideifshadow: 4
      #  # Optional - make player hidden when they are under cover (#=sky light level,0=underground,15=open to sky)
      #  hideifundercover: 14
      #  # (Optional) if true, players that are crouching/sneaking will be hidden
        hideifsneaking: true
        # If true, player positions/status is protected (login with ID with dynmap.playermarkers.seeall permission required for info other than self)
        protected-player-info: false
        # If true, hide players with invisibility potion effects active
        hide-if-invisiblity-potion: true
      #- class: org.dynmap.JsonFileClientUpdateComponent
      #  writeinterval: 1
      #  sendhealth: true
      #  sendposition: true
      #  allowwebchat: true
      #  webchat-interval: 5
      #  hidewebchatip: false
      #  includehiddenplayers: false
      #  use-player-login-ip: false
      #  require-player-login-ip: false
      #  block-banned-player-chat: true
      #  hideifshadow: 0
      #  hideifundercover: 0
      #  hideifsneaking: false
      #  # Require login for web-to-server chat (requires login-enabled: true)
      #  webchat-requires-login: false
      #  # If set to true, users must have dynmap.webchat permission in order to chat
      #  webchat-permissions: false
      #  # Limit length of single chat messages
      #  chatlengthlimit: 128
      #  hide-if-invisiblity-potion: true
      - class: org.dynmap.SimpleWebChatComponent
        allowchat: true
        # If true, web UI users can supply name for chat using 'playername' URL parameter.  'trustclientname' must also be set true.
        allowurlname: false
      # Note: this component is needed for the dmarker commands, and for the Marker API to be available to other plugins
      - class: org.dynmap.MarkersComponent
        type: markers
        showlabel: false
        enablesigns: false
        # (optional) add spawn point markers to standard marker layer
        showspawn: true
        spawnicon: world
        spawnlabel: "Spawn"
        # (optional) layer for showing offline player's positions (for 'maxofflinetime' minutes after logoff)
        showofflineplayers: false
        offlinelabel: "Offline"
        offlineicon: offlineuser
        offlinehidebydefault: true
        offlineminzoom: 0
        maxofflinetime: 30
        # (optional) layer for showing player's spawn beds
        showspawnbeds: false
        spawnbedlabel: "Spawn Beds"
        spawnbedicon: bed
        spawnbedhidebydefault: true
        spawnbedminzoom: 0
        spawnbedformat: "%name%'s bed"
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: chat
        allowurlname: false
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: chatballoon
        focuschatballoons: false
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: chatbox
        showplayerfaces: true
        messagettl: 5
        # Optional: set number of lines in scrollable message history: if set, messagettl is not used to age out messages
        #scrollback: 100
        # Optiona; set maximum number of lines visible for chatbox
        #visiblelines: 10
        # Optional: send push button
        sendbutton: false
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: playermarkers
        showplayerfaces: true
        showplayerhealth: true
        # If true, show player body too (only valid if showplayerfaces=true
        showplayerbody: false
        # Option to make player faces small - don't use with showplayerhealth
        smallplayerfaces: false
        # Optional - make player faces layer hidden by default
        hidebydefault: false
        # Optional - ordering priority in layer menu (low goes before high - default is 0)
        layerprio: 0
        # Optional - label for player marker layer (default is 'Players')
        label: "Players"
      #- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
      #  type: digitalclock
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: link
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: timeofdayclock
        showdigitalclock: true
        showweather: true
      # Mouse pointer world coordinate display
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: coord
        label: "Location"
        hidey: false
        show-mcr: false
      # Note: more than one logo component can be defined
      #- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
      #  type: logo
      #  text: "Dynmap"
      #  #logourl: "images/block_surface.png"
      #  linkurl: ""
      #  # Valid positions: top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right
      #  position: bottom-right
      #- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
      #  type: inactive
      #  timeout: 1800 # in seconds (1800 seconds = 30 minutes)
      #  redirecturl: inactive.html
      #  #showmessage: 'You were inactive for too long.'
      #- class: org.dynmap.TestComponent
      #  stuff: "This is some configuration-value"
    # Treat hiddenplayers.txt as a whitelist for players to be shown on the map? (Default false)
    display-whitelist: false
    # How often a tile gets rendered (in seconds).
    renderinterval: 1
    # How many tiles on update queue before accelerate render interval
    renderacceleratethreshold: 60
    # How often to render tiles when backlog is above renderacceleratethreshold
    renderaccelerateinterval: 0.2
    # How many update tiles to work on at once (if not defined, default is 1/2 the number of cores)
    tiles-rendered-at-once: 2
    # If true, use normal priority threads for rendering (versus low priority) - this can keep rendering
    # from starving on busy Windows boxes (Linux JVMs pretty much ignore thread priority), but may result
    # in more competition for CPU resources with other processes
    usenormalthreadpriority: true
    # Save and restore pending tile renders - prevents their loss on server shutdown or /reload
    saverestorepending: true
    # Zoom-out tile update period - how often to scan for and process tile updates into zoom-out tiles (in seconds)
    zoomoutperiod: 30
    # Control whether zoom out tiles are validated on startup (can be needed if zoomout processing is interrupted, but can be expensive on large maps)
    initial-zoomout-validate: true
    # Default delay on processing of updated tiles, in seconds.  This can reduce potentially expensive re-rendering
    # of frequently updated tiles (such as due to machines, pistons, quarries or other automation).  Values can
    # also be set on individual worlds and individual maps.
    tileupdatedelay: 30
    # Tile hashing is used to minimize tile file updates when no changes have occurred - set to false to disable
    enabletilehash: true
    # Optional - hide ores: render as normal stone (so that they aren't revealed by maps)
    #hideores: true
    # Optional - enabled BetterGrass style rendering of grass and snow block sides
    #better-grass: true
    # Optional - enable smooth lighting by default on all maps supporting it (can be set per map as lighting option)
    smooth-lighting: true
    # Default image format for HDMaps (png, jpg, jpg-q75, jpg-q80, jpg-q85, jpg-q90, jpg-q95, jpg-q100)
    # Has no effect on maps with explicit format settings
    image-format: png
    #  use-generated-textures: if true, use generated textures (same as client); false is static water/lava textures
    #  correct-water-lighting: if true, use corrected water lighting (same as client); false is legacy water (darker)
    #  transparent-leaves: if true, leaves are transparent (lighting-wise): false is needed for some Spout versions that break lighting on leaf blocks
    use-generated-textures: true
    correct-water-lighting: true
    transparent-leaves: true
    # ctm-support: if true, Connected Texture Mod (CTM) in texture packs is enabled (default)
    ctm-support: true
    # custom-colors-support: if true, Custom Colors in texture packs is enabled (default)
    custom-colors-support: true
    # Control loading of player faces (if set to false, skins are never fetched)
    #fetchskins: false
    # Control updating of player faces, once loaded (if faces are being managed by other apps or manually)
    #refreshskins: false
    # Customize URL used for fetching player skins (%player% is macro for name)
    skin-url: ""
    # Control behavior for new (1.0+) compass orientation (sunrise moved 90 degrees: east is now what used to be south)
    #  default is 'newrose' (preserve pre-1.0 maps, rotate rose)
    #  'newnorth' is used to rotate maps and rose (requires fullrender of any HDMap map - same as 'newrose' for FlatMap or KzedMap)
    compass-mode: newnorth
      #- playermove
      #- playerjoin
      - blockplaced
      - blockbreak
      - leavesdecay
      - blockburn
      - chunkgenerated
      - blockformed
      - blockfaded
      - blockspread
      - pistonmoved
      - explosion
      #- blockfromto
      #- blockphysics
      - structuregrow
      - blockgrow
      #- blockredstone
    # Title for the web page - if not specified, defaults to the server's name (unless it is the default of 'Unknown Server')
    #webpage-title: "Ijoncraft Live Maps"
    # The path where the tile-files are placed.
    tilespath: web/tiles
    # The path where the web-files are located.
    webpath: web
    # The network-interface the webserver will bind to ( for all interfaces, for only local access).
    # The TCP-port the webserver will listen on.
    webserver-port: 6789
    # Maximum concurrent session on internal web server - limits resources used in Bukkit server
    max-sessions: 30
    # Disables Webserver portion of Dynmap (Advanced users only)
    disable-webserver: false
    # Enable/disable having the web server allow symbolic links (true=compatible with existing code, false=more secure (default))
    allow-symlinks: true
    # Enable login support
    login-enabled: false
    # Require login to access website (requires login-enabled: true)
    login-required: false
    # Period between tile renders for fullrender, in seconds (non-zero to pace fullrenders, lessen CPU load)
    timesliceinterval: 0.0
    # Maximum chunk loads per server tick (1/20th of a second) - reducing this below 90 will impact render performance, but also will reduce server thread load
    maxchunkspertick: 200
    # Progress report interval for fullrender/radiusrender, in tiles.  Must be 100 or greater
    progressloginterval: 100
    # Parallel fullrender: if defined, number of concurrent threads used for fullrender or radiusrender
    #  Note: setting this will result in much more intensive CPU use, some additional memory use.  Caution should be used when
    #  setting this to equal or exceed the number of physical cores on the system.
    #parallelrendercnt: 4
    # Interval the browser should poll for updates.
    updaterate: 2000
    # If nonzero, server will pause fullrender/radiusrender processing when 'fullrenderplayerlimit' or more user's are logged in
    fullrenderplayerlimit: 0
    showplayerfacesinmenu: true
    # Control whether players that are hidden or not on current map are grayed out (true=yes)
    grayplayerswhenhidden: true
    # Set sidebaropened: 'true' to pin menu sidebar opened permanently, 'pinned' to default the sidebar to pinned, but allow it to unpin
    #sidebaropened: true
    # Customized HTTP response headers - add 'id: value' pairs to all HTTP response headers (internal web server only)
    #    Access-Control-Allow-Origin: ""
    #    X-Custom-Header-Of-Mine: "MyHeaderValue"
    # Trusted proxies for web server - which proxy addresses are trusted to supply valid X-Forwarded-For fields
      - ""
      - "0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1"
    # Join/quit message format for web chat: set to "" to disable notice on web UI
    joinmessage: "%playername% is online"
    quitmessage: "%playername% is offline"
    spammessage: "You may only chat once every %interval% seconds."
    # format for messages from web: %playername% substitutes sender ID (typically IP), %message% includes text
    webmsgformat: "&color;2[WEB] %playername%: &color;f%message%"
    # Control whether layer control is presented on the UI (default is true)
    showlayercontrol: true
    # Enable checking for banned IPs via banned-ips.txt (internal web server only)
    check-banned-ips: true
    # Default selection when map page is loaded
    defaultzoom: 2
    defaultworld: world
    defaultmap: flat
    # (optional) Zoom level and map to switch to when following a player, if possible
    #followzoom: 3
    #followmap: surface
    # If true, make persistent record of IP addresses used by player logins, to support web IP to player matching
    persist-ids-by-ip: true
    # If true, map text to cyrillic
    cyrillic-support: false
    # Messages to customize
        maptypes: "Worlds"
        players: "Players"
        chatrequireslogin: "Chat Requires Login"
        chatnotallowed: "You are not permitted to send chat messages"
    # URL for client configuration (only need to be tailored for proxies or other non-standard configurations)
        # configuration URL
        #configuration: "up/configuration"
        # update URL
        #update: "up/world/{world}/{timestamp}"
        # sendmessage URL
        #sendmessage: "up/sendmessage"
        # login URL
        #login: "up/login"
        # register URL
        #register: "up/register"
        # tiles base URL
        #tiles: "tiles/"
        # markers base URL
        #markers: "tiles/"
    # Spout support controls
        # If false, ignore spout even if detected
        enabled: true
        # If true, previously loaded textures will be assumed to still be valid (faster startup, but
        # can result in stale textures if originals are updated - delete files in texturepacks/standard/spoout
        # to clean cached textures and force reload on next startup)
        use-existing-textures: true
    # Customization commands - allows scripts to be run before/after certain events
            # Command run just before any image file is written or updated: run with single parameter with fully qualified file name
            preupdatecommand: ""
            # Command run just after any image file is written or updated: run with single parameter with fully qualified file name
            postupdatecommand: ""
    # Set to true to enable verbose startup messages - can help with debugging map configuration problems
    # Set to false for a much quieter startup log
    verbose: false
    # Enables debugging.
    #  - class: org.dynmap.debug.LogDebugger
    All of my NORMAL.txt files have the dynmap section removed - I've quintuple checked this
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    CoxBlox I just did a quick search, haven't been able to remove that map myself either ( haven't tried yet )
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    Maybe there's simply no option to disable this yet. Try making a ticket on Dynmap's BukkitDev page.
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    Lolmewn timtower There is a way though. dynmap even shows you how, yet their way doesn't work! I've found moderate success by removing classes from world.txt file, I can remove surface map AND flatmap, just not the darned cave map!
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    The way to do it is using /dynmap delmap (or something like that) in game.
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    I see this is a bit late, but today, 27FEB14, I also needed the same view disabled in my game. But you don't accomplish it in game and their way does work.
    Your views(flat,3d and caves) are specified in different resolution templates, you just knock out the call for it to remove it.
    Taken from Dynmap Bukkit plugins FAQ page::
    Because Dynmap calls the overworld "Normal". My "Normal" files for me, were located at Bukkit server/Georgia/plugins/dynmap/templates folder. I renamed all Normal*.txt files adding a "custom-" in front of them (7 total).
    Opened all 7 files and deleted the quoted text above.

    Restarted server. Opened Dynmap in FireFox and Cave view is removed:).
    Hope this helps you,

    Sorry, it squished the text from the FAQ page. To make it clearer It's:
    How can I remove the cave map?

    Copy the appropriate template file to make a custom one. For example, copy 'plugins/dynmap/templates/normal-vlowres.txt' to 'plugins/dynmap/templates/custom-normal-vlowres.txt'. Open the copied file and remove the following section:
    - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
    name: cave
    title: "Cave"
    prefix: ct
    perspective: iso_SE_60_lowres
    shader: cave
    lighting: default
    mapzoomin: 3

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