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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by robin2310, Nov 22, 2014.

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    Hello developers!
    I would like an skywars plugin. Well, I cant make it myself, but can one of all you great developers make on for me? here is a description:
    - You need to be allowed to join with signs and as an Admin create signs
    - You need to can create an arena and delete it
    - Your plugin needs to be with permissions
    - You will need multiverse-core to create worlds
    - Your plugin needs to have kits
    - You need to have vote like that you can vote to start the game.
    - You need to do like a /sw leave command
    - You need to have skywars points so like you have kits and you need points for them to buy them.

    Suggested Name: PlaySkyWars

    '/leave' or '/sw leave' to leave a game in progres or not started
    '/join <Arena>' or '/sw join <Arena>' to join a specified arena
    '/createarena <Arenaname>' or '/sw createarena <Arenaname>' (With worldedit)
    '/setlobbyspawn' or '/sw setlobbyspawn' to set the lobby where you respawn if you die in-game
    '/createislandspawn <Number> <Arena>' or '/sw createislandspawn <number <arena>'
    '/deleteislandspawn <Number> <Arena>' or '/sw deleteislandspawn <Number> <Arena>'
    '/deletearena <Arena>' or '/sw deletearena <Arena>'

    playskywars.leave to leave an game
    playskywars.join.* to join all arenas
    playskywars.join.# to let players join a specified arena(# is for arenaname)

    Please respond if you can make this cuz I need it really hard for my server.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    robin2310 Commands? Permissions? How do you play? You are talking about skywars worlds and arenas, what is the difference here?

    On another note: request and signature are pretty conflicting :p
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    Oh yeah sorry! its now updated!

    not really. I want with signs and that is with portals and I would like a custom one better
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    robin2310 Merged your posts, please use the edit button instead of double posting.
    Still, couple questions:
    1. What is the difference between a world and arena here?
    2. What would the world generator create? Do you have schematics for that?
    3. How do you pick a kit?
    4. Sign formats?
    5. What kind of shop is it? A GUI? Signs? Commands?
    6. And how do you play?
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    Install the skywars plugin they already told you to get, and also install http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/serversigns/ then make a sign with whatever join stuff you want on it, and execute /svs add sw join and right click the sign. It should do what you need it to. And next time, before making a request, research a little bit. Some plugins out there may enhance what your asking for.
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    1. actually nothing but the arena needs to be in a totally new world
    2. I need a plugin actually to do with /createarena to create a world with 1 dirt in the air. Or I can add a world myself
    3. You need to actually need to select a kit using a item like paper or something. Its like the idea of cubecraftgames skywars. And with a book(you can get with a command) or something you need to buy your kits with points
    4. [PlaySkywars]
    <Amount of Players in-game>
    5. like a book you will get with a command you need to right click and then you will get a store with items and names on the items of the kits and a description.
    6. like all the other skywars plugins only with all the things listed extra.
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    Usually people make plugins that are quick and simple for free, this looks like no one on bukkit would. Good luck tho.
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