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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Ibix13, Jul 2, 2013.

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    Hi! I am trying to figure out how I can make it so if I teleport to a certain world with multiverse, it will put me to the group that I am in for that world. (Using Groupmanager). Example: I am in the hub world (Default world on login), I go to the survival world portal and it will change me to the group I am set at for that world. Help please?
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    On first entering a new world the player will be set to the default rank in that world.
    I don't think there is anyway to make them join a different rank than the default rank in that world.
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    How would I set them to the group? When they TP to the new world?
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    you whould have to do that inside of minecraft the command is

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    Do you mean set them to the default rank? If so, they would just automatically change to the default rank in that world.
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    I would want to set them to the default rank, when they first go to that world. All I am trying to do is make it so there are different groups for each world. And switch to those groups on teleport to different world
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    So this is what you would have to do.
    1. Go to your "plugins" folder
    2. Go to your "Group Manager" Folder
    3. Go to your "worlds" Folder
    4. Go to your default world, probably called "world"
    5. Open "groups" with WordPad, NotePad++, etc
    6. Copy all of your groups in "world"
    7. Go to your other world's "groups" and paste your groups from "world"
    8. Now you will have the same groups for each world
    9. You will have to do /manuadd (Player Name) (Group Name) for each player in each world
    10. Hope this helped undefined:D
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    Thanks, but is there a way I can automatically set them to the default group? for the world
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    They will just be automatically set to the default group anyway... You don't need to set them to it
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    I will try this then.

    I made a folder for the world called 'survival' and put a groups.yml and a users.yml. I go to the survival world and I'm still the default group for the normal world...

    ALL I need is different groups for different worlds. And auto group setting when you join that world for the first time.

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