did perms change for essentials?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by bluehasia, Jul 30, 2012.

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    did perms change for

    because now my players cant use it with the message they dont have perms and it worked in the past.

    PS essential team please open a forum page for your plugin page IRC has not been helpful past many times i been in there. and i have tried to say if you open a forum page us users can assist each other with there better answers peoples questions in time rather than fighting for attention with 5-10 others needing help on the IRC
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    IRC is helpful, if you are paitent and wait more than 1 minute before rage quitting. and theres already a forum page.

    anyway, the permission didnt change.
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    first off necrodoom maybe i quite because some times the talk gets adult rated in there XXX if i repeated what was said i get banned here and some how its the same few people that get to keep talking in there like that.. and i dont rage quite i try and ask but in between the amount of sex talk and other people trying to ask for help it is most of the time hopeless in there

    and JOPHESTUS yes i seen that page a hundred times thats all poeple answer when i ask if th perms changed.
    I had the working perms in my perms and recently they stopped working saying now my players dont have perm
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    ive never seen that happen in the #essentials IRC, you probably joined the wrong channel. also, paste your permissions file.
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    i would have it in the regulars group i added the perms back that i had before into it to show what i had


    it used to work but i do know i updated my essentials about a month or so ago. and i had this problem in the past with other perms when essentials gets updated they fail to let people know what the new perms are for some items....as i said my players were able to spawn tamed cats and tamed wolves at a buy sign before this...now just me as op can do it every one else gets perm denied
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