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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Masocristy, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Not a plugin itself, just a general question about if it can be implemented to other plugins.

    A request for a command that returns a dice roll. Example:

    You killed a Zombie! You gain 2d6 ( a roll of 4 6-sided dice) worth of iconomy cash/other currency.

    You destroy a mob spawner block (ideally in a dungeon)! You get 3d10 cashmoney.

    You cast a spell to get rid of the leaves in your area! Unfortunately your blight powers petrified 1d500% of the logs, turning them to smooth stone.

    You cast "Harm!" on on another creature. It does 1d9 damage to it, but the dark magic lashes back and you take 1d3 damage.

    And etc.

    Good idea? Viable? Already implemented somewhere?

    Just an idea of mine.
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    so basically you want a crude DnD like system added, interesting
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    Well, I'm really just asking if dice rolling or some other kind of random number generator is a viable function for a bukkit plugin.

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