Diablo Styled Weapons?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Mining4diamonds, Dec 31, 2013.

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    I recently got stumped while coding something and figure out what to do next. Basically I want to make it so that the plugin reads the lore of the item so if the lore says DMG 100 - 145 that would then be the damage on the item.

    So something like this where it says damage 305 - 400 how could I make it so that plugin reads the lore and sets that as the weapon damage.
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    I think there's a whole work around with getting a substring, after a certain character, that being ":", then replacing "-" characters.

    I've been interested in this in the past, and wouldn't mind getting a hang for this, so I'll keep track of this post to see where it goes.
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    This should work (could be slightly optimized with substring I think, but whatever)

    1. // Assuming you have a non-null ItemMeta object "itemMeta"
    2. List<String> lore = itemMeta.getLore();
    4. // Check each line of the lore
    5. for (String line : lore) {
    6. // Look for a line that starts with "Damage:"
    7. if (line.startsWith("Damage:")) {
    8. // Parse out the two bits of damage. This assumes there are two.
    9. String[] damageParts = line.replace("Damage:", "").split("-");
    10. if (damageParts.length == 2) {
    11. Integer minDamage = Integer.parseInt(damageParts[0].trim());
    12. Integer maxDamage = Integer.parseInt(damageParts[1].trim());
    13. // ... do something with these two values
    14. }
    15. }
    16. }

    Hope that helps! I don't know how to actually do the part where you modify the weapon's damage... :\

    arg, mega-edit... wish somebody could make the java syntax tags not blow away indentation!
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    Now that's impressive!

    Always wondered how to do that, now I know!
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    :D String.split is one of my favorite things, definitely my go-to for parsing. I probably overuse it...

    ArrayUtils.join (the opposing method) is also very handy.

    PHP made me learn to love such things.
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    Messing with the strings and whatnot has always hurt my brain personally xD
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    loop through lore lines:
    for(String lore : is.getItemMeta().getLore()) {

    check if it's damage line:
    if(lore.contains("Damage") {

    And then get it like:
    String damagemin = lore.substring(lore.indexOf(":") +2, lore.indexOf("-") -1);
    int i = Integer.parseInt(damagemin);

    NOT TESTED! But that would be probably the code to get the min damage ;)

    Wouldn't work for color codes, also for setting damage:
    2. int index = 0;
    3. ItemMeta im = is.getItemMeta();
    4. List<String> lorearray = im.getLore();
    5. for(String lore : lorearray) {
    6. if(lore.contains("Damage")) {
    7. lorearray.set(index, "Damage: 200 - 210" ) // What Ever
    8. im.setLore(lorearray);
    9. is.setItemMeta(im);
    10. }
    11. index++;
    12. }
    13. }

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