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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by puppy3276, Nov 5, 2012.


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    I was wondering if anyone would want to create a development team. We will work together on the same plugins and help solve people's problems. I think that if we work as a team we can get more done faster.
    Reply if you are interested in joining.
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    While I am not interested in joining, I will tell you why to try and help you. Currently you have nothing to show for yourself as a developer, and even to the new developers that is putting them off. No one starts a development team their first time developing, you should start on your own even if its small to get something to show for you knowledge and work. Then find people that want to work with you or share similar ideas or even people with similar plugins. Making a team is like making a plugin, start small and work your way up.
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    If you are interested in coming up with a team, I would suggest stating what you can do, and the plugins the team would make.

    Sorry though, I won't join
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