[DEVELOPMENT] Bukkit Development - Episode 1 - Your First Plugin

Discussion in 'Resources' started by CainFoool, Jan 1, 2012.

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    I decided to start a little series where I code simple plugins, this being one of the easiest. I may move onto maybe little harder things next time.
    I export the videos in 720p so you can view the coding nice and clear. I also simplified the coding as much as possible for you guys so it can be very readable and understandable.
    Give me suggestions for my videos and I will consider them. :)
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    sgt frankieboy

    Nice, but for the next tutorial try to talk, gives more information.
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    That is my goal now. I wasn't really bothered to talk as I'm not really up for it today.
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    What program do you use / recommend for someone wanting to learn programming for bukkit?
  5. Eclipse is the best IDE in my opinion.
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    I'd agree with @Adamki11s Eclipse is baws.
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    I'd agree with @iffa NetBeans is baws.
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    King Rat


    You know, this is really bad!
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    What is that. Wait no, I don't even care.

    Back on topic, there are loads of arguments for each IDE. Just try them out and pick which one suits you..
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    I tell you, Eclipse was good when I didn't care about the default formatting.
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    yeah I've changed my COLOUR SCHEME (sorry i was excited).
    Although you might say it looks unusual?

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    Eclipse is the most friendly IDE. NetBeans is more for GUI stuff and I honestly prefer Eclipse over NetBeans even though I have them both.
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    I'll weigh in for Eclipse, I've played with both extensively and I just find Eclipse to have a more natural flow... after not very long (maybe a fortnight?) you get the hang of all the shortcuts and your code time increases quite a bit.
    You can also probably get (or write!) a plugin to do anything it doesn't provide.
  14. I have eclipse but cant run it:
    A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK)
    must be available in order to run Eclipse. No Virtuel machine was found
    after searchin in the following locations:

    jawaw.exe is your current PATH

    what can I do?
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    Could you update this howto, making use of the new ways of doing events? It would help me a lot as a noob to get started.
    Basically I'd like to know how events can be done depending on a config setting. (eg if a logger tool should log bucket place events or not. If it doesn't there's no need to make the hook.)
    If you could help with this, I'd be extremely grateful. :)
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