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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DiViL, Apr 12, 2011.

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    Hi there

    I've had an idea for an easy to use and simple plugin for creating particular types of NPCs, e.g. Miners, Farmers, Guards, etc. For example, using a command would create a NPC. You would then give the NPC a tool, e.g. Pickaxe, which would turn them into that type of character, e.g. Miner. Another example would be giving an Axe to a NPC to make them a Lumberjack.

    The NPCs would then effectively work for you and you would have to pay them in some way (not thought this bit through fully yet, maybe it could hook into one of the popular economy plugins? or you would have to give them food?).

    So - I have two problems:

    1. I have never developed a Java application, nevermind a Minecraft addon. I am quite an avid PHP & AJAX developer so the syntax shouldn't be a problem (the basic idea of programming is the same anyway!). Could anyone recommend any developer tools to get me started? And possibly a pointer as to how you would start developing an addon for Bukkit.

    2. Is this addon even possible? I think the NPCs would have to path somehow to give them a bit of "purpose"

    Thanks !
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    While I think such a plugin would be possible, it would take a lot of work. But, to be honest, I think the best place to start would be modding the single player client. This will let you get familiar with the way the code of Minecraft actually works before throwing the added stuff of Bukkit into the mix. Here's a basic tutorial that will help you start modding:

    A lot of it will be pretty easy because of your previous programming experience, but it's pretty helpful.
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    This reminds me of when people try making a game for the very first time.

    Instead of doing pong, tetris, text-based adventure, etc. (which are themselves a great challenge for novice programmers) they set out to make a MMO. And quit a week later before they even scratch the surface of the immense work it takes.

    Start small and work your way up to a large, ambitious plugin such as this.
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    Seriously. All my programming experience is what I remember from my high school C++ and Visual Basic classes, and I'm trying to get into modding and plugins. It's pretty freaking tough. I'm starting small, with a plugin that will make birch trees drop birch saplings and pine trees drop pine saplings. And even that is fairly complicated.

    Figured I'd start with something simple but useful.
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    Thanks for the tips Jerubbaal, should help me a lot. :D Good luck with your plugins :)

    ssell, I am actually not really what you'd call a novice; in my work life I do a lot of web-driven (mostly PHP) development. I'm also quite handy with C++ & VB, it's always just getting the syntax into my head and then it's down to how good (or bad :p) I am at problem solving !

    Hopefully I'll get started on something in the next few weeks and can at least get something simple done to start with, e.g. make an automated npc farmer. Just as a starting point :)

    If anyone else has any pointers, advice or general thoughts please feel free to put your say in.
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    Ah, my apologies then. Too many times I see people going at a project without truly understanding what it will take to see it to the end (both here and other programming forums).

    If you need any help feel free to post on my profile (conversations don't seem to work for me).
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    Thanks very much dude, appreciate it ! :)
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    Have you seen the Citizens plugin? Perhaps you could offer to help expand on that one, since it sounds like what you're planning.
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