Developing a Custom RPG server based off Runescape

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by SniperBrob, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Hello everyone, I am making a new, custom, RPG server based of off the popular MMO, Runescape. If you have ever played Runescape you know that it is very complex and in depth. I know a few other people have attempted recreating Runescape within Minecraft, but in my opinion it could have been done a lot better. I am very motivated and dedicated to work on this project, but I need other motivated people to help. At the moment I have been working on gathering preexisting plugins and modifying them to work for how I want them to. I need a lot of custom plugins to be developed but I myself am a bukkit novice. I have a small team already but I need more support from anyone I can.

    Plugins and Features (green = finished, yellow = WIP, blue = brainstorming, red = not started)
    Skills and Leveling
    F2P Map
    P2P Map
    Custom HP
    Food Heals HP not hunger
    Custom Weapons and Damage
    Custom Mob drops
    1v1 PVP system
    No durability on certain items
    Clan Chat, Friends Chat, and Local Chat
    Friends list and Ignore list
    Custom potions
    Custom crafting recipes
    Mob aggravation system (If you are over double the mob's level they won't aggro)

    If you feel like you can help with any of these plugins, please feel free to contact me through private message or response to this thread. If you know any plugins that already exist that I can optimize, also please feel free to suggest that.

    I really need some devoted people to help out. Helping will make you a "JMOD" rank ingame (RS players will get that :p) and a ton of cool permissions and abilities. Thanks everyone reading!
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    Well, to start off, this is the wrong section for such a request. You need to be in the "Plugin Requests" section.

    I'll see what work has in store for me, then I'll get back to you :)
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    Yeah, you're in the wrong section; and I'm going to be continuing a project similar to this (That I started a while back but didn't finish).
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    Hmm.. This is the wrong section, but if you have Skype I can contact you and help you out a bit with the plugins :).
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    Thanks guys, and this isn't really in the wrong section. I have already started and finished some of these plugins so it's technically indev


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    Forge_User_78313302 Retired Staff

    SniperBrob Only bump after 24 hours please, there are other people on here that need help too.
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    In the process of telling me not to bump, you gave me a free bump and now I get another one for responding to you. Thanks!
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    Was thinking about possibly helping, but this comment turned me off.
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    All I did was respond to his comment in a satirical manner that showed how he contradicted himself. If that turns you off than I'm glad I don't have such an insensitive team member
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    This thread should be in wip.
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    Jade Retired Staff

    Locked & moved to correct section.
    1. Bumps are only allowed once every 24 hours.
    2. This is (as of the time of posting) in the incorrect section.
    3. Brob -- just because someone is telling you every how often you can bump, doesn't justify you any reason to response to respond simply for the idea of bumping.
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