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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Just a suggestion maby you could add a friends list:D i think that would be AWESOME. Maby make it so you can tell what server your friend is on. And possibly a chat system:[]
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    Currently we feel like this should be something that is optional and could be added as a client plugin later.

    We track issues on and it is a known issue, but not one of major concern.

    The actually error log: C:\Users\Username\Desktop\Minecraft\hs_err_pid2212.log would be more useful.

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    Check your controls in Options. Make sure your inventory key isn't "w" otherwise change it.
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    I took your advice and rolled back to CB build 1000, I let it run until it got up to about 6 gigs of ram usage.
    Rolling back does not seem to work. At least in this case.
    Also I would like to mention that all sources point towards the Spoutcraft client. Not the server. Everything seems to be fully clientside.
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    My last post might have got lost. Here it is:

    With the current RB of Spout and CB1060 on my server; when a player joins with the current Spoutcraft launcher, the STARS in the night sky show for a second and then disappear. The sky seems to take on a slightly different tint, as well. No amount of fiddling with the render/view settings seem to bring the stars back on any of the clients. You can also join the game vanilla, and of course everything looks fine.

    With the current RB of Spout REMOVED and CB1060 on my server; Both the vanilla MC launcher and the Spoutcraft launcher can join and the stars look fine.

    It's VERY odd... and I can't figure out if it's something I'm doing wrong. There are absolutely no errors in the server log.
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    its not its e like the original minecraft, I have even deleted my minecraft and spoutcraft in roaming and same thing.

    Also why do I keep getting, playername was not properly updated during login? It kinda spams it.

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    REQ: An option to server admins completely disable Spout client features. For ppl like me that DOESN'T want to use Spout features at all, but, want to use some plugins that need Spout as a (server side only) dependency (i.e: ShowCase)

    Please make it happen.
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    Ok I have a problem that I somewhat figured out, moderator and admins whenever they use the w button, it opens there inventory, but miners doesnt do that.... what could it be?
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    Ever since I updated to the 1060 this plugin makes it so when someone joins it says end of stream.
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    Using the Spoutcraft client is optional and I don't see a reason for anything to be disabled. I believe Spout is only a soft dependency of Showcase as well, meaning it's not needed for most of the features to work.

    What would be the point of disabling client features when the majority of them are only activated and used through other plugins? If you don't have any other plugins installed, then the features wouldn't be used.
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    update spout server to 1.0.2 and it fixes!
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    Im using the spout 1.0.2 same issue..
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    test a clean install, but it solves for me...
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    I hope you aren't a Spout dev. Cuz you lack knowledge of how the thing works.

    Install the Spout client and you will see an ENORMOUS amount of options available. May of these options deal with chunk caching and even viewdistance.

    Also Spout has client own color codes that mess with servers chat.

    So, yes, there are MANY issues by letting my users use a Spout client and there are NOTHING right now an admin could do to stop it ( if he don't want Spout) besides simple stop using plugins that depends on it.
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    How do I install this? When I put it in my plugins folder I get this error:
    [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins\SpoutAPI.jar' in folder 'plugins': Jar does not contain plugin.yml
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
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    it says they were'nt updated properly during login.
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    Lunar Delta

    The integrated improved chat often doesn't function correctly. Quite often, the last line I typed doesn't get saved. Also, pressing "end" moves to the end of the chat, instead of to the end of the line I am typing. Could this be changed? It's kind of annoying having to hold the arrow key down to scroll all the way to the beginning or end of a long message I am typing.
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    David T.

    Is there a way I can get some kind of tutorial on developing plugins for this? I don't know how to develop plugins or even the basics of java, but I do have some IDEAS for plugins, could anyone recommend a good tutorial for learning java and plugin developing?
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    "Update 1.0.2 - Added Block Meta-data"

    Is this the first step towards custom blocks? If it is, I'm super excited!
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    Still the memory errors, come no guys, do some debugging!
  22. You downloaded from the API section instead of the 'for server owners' section. Delete SpoutAPI.jar and download the server version.
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    I don't work directly with the client and plugin; I deal mostly with the web-side of things and support when I can.

    I have not been in a position to test things, so I have been merely offering you assistance based on what I know and have seen.

    Also, Spoutcraft is the client mod, not Spout. There are not meant to be any issues between a user's choice to use or not use the client, so if there are, they need to be reported. I haven't seen any reports from you in this regard so any issues you may have having have gone unfixed as a result.

    The options and GUI changes on the client are the client mod features. I was referring to the client-side features such the custom events and such which only other plugins utilize through Spout.

    You are welcome to do some debugging to find the memory errors and contribute some fixes if you know the cause. Top_Cat, alta189, and raphfrk have been working on getting things fixed.

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    Latest dev version - left overnight in an area with hundreds of torches, animations turned on (an old memory leak issue) - no memory leaks.

    For anyone that wants to complain about memory leaks, make sure that you've bothered to update to the latest *dev* versions of both client and server before reporting them... (SpoutDev)
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    With the latest development build, I don't seem to have any problems with the game running out of memory. Although allocated memory is usually somewhat low, at 132MB, 13% of my set 1024 in the .bat file.

    How does allocated memory work? Does it only increase when memory usage reaches that number?
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    How do I uninstall Spout completly from my server?
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    Remove the spout plugin.
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    Is there anyway to run this with cracked clients? I have premium, but host a cracked server, and I know players can connect without using it, but wouldn't they see stuff that uses spout differently?
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    Spout does not support cracked.

    Tell your players to save up the money to buy it. Its not that expensive and if they like it it is well worth the money to support the game.
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    Why do people always refer to offline-mode as cracked? The server is not cracked, people just use a cracked launcher.

    We do not support pirated users, however the Spoutcraft client mod is no different from any other client mod in its manual installation. The Spoutcraft Launcher is merely a way of keeping the client updated along with some options and graphical changes.
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    Yep, dev build seems to do it :D
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