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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Derrick Mehaffy

    I noticed playing around in the .jar for the client that there is Zans Minimap stuff in there. Anyway I can get that to work? I run a pvp server and the F3 thing removed the X,Y,Z and we kinda need those to keep track of locations.
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    You NEED to cheat? Interesting. Anyway the minimap class is a placeholder which does nothing.
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    I think i need to point out that a am using a mac OS... I can only see the crashes that the server reads... and they are all java failures..

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    Is it yet possible for a plugin to make a client fly Because i really want a plugin that can do that by fly i mean upto zombe standards not just fling the player around.. like they have a rocket up their A$$
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    just enable the dev build download on the launcher and you get the xyz coords back. I found it pretty lame that they removed the xyz display too.
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    I can't hear anything in spout craft for some reason, when I play its like the game is muted. Normal Minecraft sound works, but spoutcraft doesn't. Any suggestions? Also I'm running Mac OS X Lion (10.7) If that helps.
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    Check your volume levels first, everything is separate in Spoutcraft from Minecraft ie. controls, mouse sensitivity, etc.

    That's as far as I can help you, I'm no debugger, I'm no java coder.
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    I believe it was requested originally, and that's why it was removed. The dev builds have an option to enable "cheat mode" on the server plugin, Spout.

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    i would like to know if i am doing something wrong errors pop up when i try to join my server when i install this plugin and it says end of stream
  11. This is false. I for one use spout together with zombe's flying client mod and it works perfectly fine. Just install Zombe the way you would on your regular minecraft client (but in .spoutcraft instead of .minecraft this time)

    I can 100% verify zombe DOES work with Spout without doing anything special on it's installation of both (do install Spout first of course)
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    Derrick Mehaffy

    It is not a Cheat. Zans Minimap Has waypoints. On a PVP server saving locations of your base or forward commands posts in factions is Extremely helpful. Otherwise finding bases is a pain. Even just having the F3 stuff back would work. But it needs to be moved from the upper left since thats where spout wallet is. But seriously though. Should consider adding a minimap of somesort. Its not a cheat. Its a helpful plugin that is a very limited version of dynmap *Which is stupid to have on a pvp server*
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    Cause of modloader ?
    If yes, how I can use it ?

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    Derrick Mehaffy

    Do you support ModLoader?
    Short answer: NO
    Descriptive answer:

    ModLoader, as a tool, is meant to reduce/eliminate incompatibilities between Minecraft mods for the client and server. By this respect, it is a complete failure. Client mods are often incompatible, and frequently modify dozens of internal Minecraft files to achieve their desired effect in game. Furthermore, ModLoader mods must be rewritten to work with MP, and are often incompatible with other MP mods and are incompatible with popular server wrappers, like CraftBukkit. Special efforts by individuals of dubious credibility have to be made to get any semblance of compatibility. Every up and coming mod that uses ModLoader feels inclined to rewrite the wheel and break compatibility with other established mods. Worse, for every custom mod you add to your server, your players must each manually download them and install them themselves, a daunting task for many players, or server admin are forced to distribute copies of pre-made Minecraft jar's, illegally.

    With this in mind, the ModLoader project is a complete failure in our opinion. While initially helpful in managing simpler mods that just add new blocks or items, it has long outlived its usefulness and now serves to hinder more than it helps.

    A much broader, seamless solution for managing client modifications must be sought. Such a solution should be as easy for users to use as possible, compatible with multiplayer servers, and easy for developers to utilize and expand on, while being more secure than blindly trusting unknown developers. This is where Spoutcraft comes in. It will eventually bridge the ever-widening gap between servers and clients, and allow safe, non-invasive, client modifications with minimal user interaction.​
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    It has been stated by notch it's cheating, it's a debug panel never meant for use when playing the game. It's part of the fun and creates a reason to make maps. I maintain this is a cheat, however if you're fine with that you can enable cheats in the more recent builds in the config on the server, hopefully we'll push this as an RB soon.

    I'm tired of people not reading the OP. Do NOT mod spoutcraft, if you want mods run your normal minecraft launcher.
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    Derrick Mehaffy

    Please Provide proof with an article from notch stating "It has been stated by notch it's cheating"
    In that case the ability to have a wolf that will respawn after death would be cheating. Or the ability to have a backpack. Yet these are supported under spoutcraft. Notch never intended for us to have more inventory or the ability to carry a workbench around with us. Which is also provided under spoutbackpack.
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    The option to add the numbers back in is in spoutcraft... your point?
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    So All in all,
    bukkit servers with spoutcraft enables client side modding which works in multiplayer soon!
    That will be great!
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    Then sproutcraft is a poop... Spoopcraft lol ! Pretencious "mod" that creates its own rules by sweeping everyone.

    I'm tired too !
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    It only matters what Notch considers "cheating" in the official game. He gave us the ability to run our own servers which means the server owner is the one who defines what "cheating" is.
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    Which is the point I was making, by default we set cheating off. But you, as the server owner, have the option to allow it if you want; Not only F3 but through numerous other mods. I was simply making the point that in general cheating shouldn't be allowed and shouldn't be relied upon.
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    This plugin is amazing, I finally got it to work. I'll try to donate if I can.
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    Agreed. I made a point of this earlier, but deleted my post because I felt like I was sounding like a teacher or something.

    @Top_Cat I respect your abilities as a plugin developer as you and many other plugin developers here are making me reconsider my major in college. However, I don't think you should have been putting others down for what you define as cheating. It was way out of line to say "You NEED to cheat. Interesting." I seriously don't understand where some of the attitudes on this forum source from, and it's disappointing to have to see it from a team of great plugin developers.

    If you were a server administrator and you literally supported mini-maps in game, and even told your members to download the client to enable it, could you consider it cheating for them to use it? No. Because you're supporting and providing the resource for it. Bukkit allows customization and the choice for the server administrator to define what should be allowed. @Nodachi makes a good point.

    On a side note, I have to give you and the rest of the team credit for making such an amazing plugin and client. I was hesitant on using BukkitContrib, but when I realized the possibilities Spout provides, it's too hard to not use it.
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    What is the relationship between the mods and cheats? :eek:
    no cheating on my server!
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    Since you clearly haven't bothered to read or understand the original post, your opinion is, thankfully, worthless.

    To the SpoutDev team: those of us who actually understand what you're doing, and the problem you've set out to solve, very much appreciate your efforts, even if we're a lot quieter than individuals like the above. Keep up the good work.
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    Oh how I love Spout <3
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    For everyone that seems to have an issue with how the devs want spout to work: Go make your own damn plugin if you don't like how they want their system to work.

    To the devs: Thank you for what you've done.
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    First of all, excellent job! Spout was great when I was running CB1000--never had any trouble with it.

    Now.. I'm just running the server plugin (none of my plugins require the spout client), and I had to update to CB1046 for Multiverse 2.0. Is it possible to get some build of spout that works with CB1046 or are you guys only supporting recommended builds? I can post the errors spout generates if necessary.

    Thanks for the great plugin though!
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    The dev builds, available from jenkins (links in the OP) should work with more recent CB builds.
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    Bah I'm narrow, completely missed that section :p Thanks!
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