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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SpoutDev, Aug 1, 2011.

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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    So you're saying it's good because it allows pirates? This is not going to happen
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    :mad:doesnt work on
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    What doesn't work on OSX? Because it does run.
    If you have an issue follow the instructions in the OP
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    OS:Linux Ubuntu: Natty Narwhal
    Client:Minecraft Vanilla
    Error: Players disconnect.EndOfStream within seconds of logging in. Experiencing no chunk loads, similar to lag. Player chat and commands appear on console.
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    You also need to say which client you are using.
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    @Wulfspider: It's working problemless -.- I use it with Modloader + on my Craftbukkit Server with Buildcraft and Industrialcraft...
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    Do not use modloader
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    Ok. Edited
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    Name of project: Spoutcraft Launcher
    Project version/build: / 85
    CraftBukkit build: 1000
    Description of issue: I start up spoutcraft, enter my info and press login. Screen goes completely white and doesn't change. Also tried using .bat and it didn't work either
    Steps to reproduce: I double clicked the spoutcraft.jar type in my info and press login.
    Link to error log: this is the .bats logs

    Also, two windows of spoutcraft are open when its the whitescreen, the launcher and the actually spout craft(white screen one)
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    Add the mods where ?? (it was my question)

    the jar is large!

  12. Spout ver. 1.0.1 stable
    Bukkit ver. 1056
    Spoutcraft ver. 1..0.2.o.136
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    I hate this plugin, i hate anything that has to do with spout. its clashed with all my other plugins and now my server is ruined and i have spent hours on trying to fix it but everything i do makes no progress THANK YOU!
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    Bios Element

    Good, since you clearly shouldn't have been running a server to begin with. :)
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    1st) your picture makes little girls cry
    2nd) i have been running a server since 1.5
    3rd) WHY DO YOU CARE?! its not like you helping me out so whats the point of saying anything?
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    I should point out, sdendanto, that neither of your posts help either yourself or any other user of spout. Please provide some information, and in the event that this is an actual issue with spout it will be dealt with.
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    I've run the launcher many times and only today, I went onto my server and I hit E to open my inventory and it works for about a second and it brings up the background for the texture pack. After a while it turns into a white screen. Can anyone help? By the way the message the comes up on the CMD is;
    Connecting to localhost, 25565
    Reset Spout
    Set Spout v. 1.0.1
    Spout SP Enabled
    Ran once, Multiplayer: true
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4
    at en.a (SourceFile:29)
    at iz.l (SourceFile:226)
    at id.a(
    at ue.a(SourceFile:32)
    at px.b(SourceFile:553)
    at Source)
    SoundSystem shutting down...
    Author: Paul Lamb,
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    Is there an equivalent of optimine for this?
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    Alright after trying to figure out what ive been doing wrong for around 30 minutes Ive come to a conclusion: My computer (win 7) for whatever reason does not recognise java archives (.jar files) so it loads them as folders. I have yet to find a fix to this problem and hope that somebody else in here has encountered and overcome this problem. And Ive already tried reinstalling java it didnt work
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    Have you tried associating the file type .jar with the java run time engine?
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    Donated $10 to the cause :)
    Amazing work so far guys! Can't wait to see what the future has in store for Spout!
    (I'd have donated more, but the bills were a bit high this month :p maybe next month I can swing a bit more your way xD )
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    after installing and removing every other single plugin this supposed useful plugin made it impossible to even stay on my server longer then 30 seconds without End of streaming i used the client and installed the plugin (as well as i could without any sort of instructions so i don't know i might have got it wrong but you cant blame me when you don't tell me how to do it) it runs without errors and just seems to dc anyone who logs in. After spending a hour trying to get it to work without any different results i just wanted say to other server Admins don't bother with this plugin just a waste your time and your players as well.
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    I don't understand :
    since I'm using spoutcraft to make test on my own local serveur, I can not go on my online server which havn't spout instaled : I connect and then when I do anything (like move) I get disconected Andd it is not someone that kick me because there is nobody. other people still can connecte. does spout is needed on the server for people that have spoutcraft ? I don't think because I can go on another serveur and it let me still connected ...
    EDIT : I use the spoutcraft launcher with and not the dev build.

    And you say peoples that are using spoutcraft have huge lagg and then some people answer that they must launch it with more allocated ram, maybe the lag is not due from not allowing enought ram but allowing too much !!
    I have a PC under Win 7 with 4Go RAM and spout take 2.5GO then I cannot even open skype without a huge lag

    I haven't been able to launch it with less memory but I think if I can (and if you can) do this, a lot of people will have less lag

    maybe you could make a launcher that ask you how much ram we agree to allow, this would help many poeople like thos one that don't even know what is a cmd !
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    i have downloaded the latest Dev Build and its working great, but better grass setting doesn't actually turn it on, not 1 setting actually give you side textures. tried fancy,default, and fast. also tried changing all the grass settings as well. i noticed zansmap files in the jar, but i didn't see a way to turn it on is that indev still?

    before the inclusion of optifine i used to get modloader working on the spoutcraft launcher, i know its not supported and im fine with that. i agree it usually breaks thing however. things like the connected texture mod and worldeditcui require modload. are you going to make a wrapper or api for mod devs to port over their mods or are things that are modloader exclusive just going to be out of reach? i only ask because i use worldedit quite a bit. but i LOVE spout i feel its the best thing to happen to minecraft since well ever! i could keep a separate old install that ML worked on until you start forcing client version checks but since you all have worked to hard to accommodate us fans, i thought i would throw out worldedit CUI since its made by zan and his minimap stuff seems to be in there.
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    @Slayer thank you for your help. I tried doing it manually but ended up running a freeware program. seems to work OK now
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    Why can you support other mods like zombe or other MC mods?
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    OS:Linux Ubuntu: Natty Narwhal AND/OR Windows 7 32bit
    Client:Minecraft Vanilla
    Error: Players disconnect.EndOfStream within seconds of logging in. Experiencing no chunk loads, similar to lag. Player chat and commands appear on console.

    Oh come on...
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    2011-08-14 08:43:49 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-08-14 08:43:49 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.d(NetworkManager.jav
    2011-08-14 08:43:49 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.f(NetworkManager.jav
    2011-08-14 08:43:49 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.Packet.a(
    2011-08-14 08:43:49 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.Packet51MapChunk.a(Packet51MapChunk
    2011-08-14 08:43:49 [SEVERE] at
    2011-08-14 08:43:49 [SEVERE] at
    Its kicking everyone off as soon as they join and giving this error.
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    An open letter to all whingers
    I have only been running a server for a couple of months and fair enough I do have a background in networking and software but you guys seem to be installing plugins at a whim, not bothering to do any research or testing nobody in their right mind does that, have you never heard of backups ? And if you dont understand what is happening inside your server maybe you should think twice about running one or at least make an effort to learn.

    These guys have made a fantastic plugin it expands bukkit to a whole new level but if you want to use it learn its requirements
    1. Dont try to mod the client !
    2. Dont use dev builds of spout, craftbukkit or spoutcraft unless you know what you are doing !
    3. Backup Backup Backup !
    4. Make sure all old bukkitcontrib pluggins are removed !

    If some take offence from this so be it, its just my two cents worth
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    OS:Win7 64bit/Java7 64bit
    Error: None whatsoever!:D
    Started a fresh server on my machine, threw some plugins at it and it ran just fine. Fired up Spoutcraft with no problems there either. Installed Spoutcraft onto my son's machine and had him connect to my server over the lan, guess what? Worked perfectly!

    Just wanted to let you guys know, your stuff works. Thank you!
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    When it only gives a "disconnect.endofstream" with no errors, I think I'm getting nowhere.
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