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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SpoutDev, Aug 1, 2011.

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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    how can i use this together with mineshafter?
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    This is the best project i have ever seen!
    All plugins are integrating in this, and i love it!
    I hope Team Mojang can support you guys with integrating Spout Client into Minecraft one!
    Awesome work!
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    This is great but I can't read all answers !

    I will try.

    Can you give us more details ?
  5. ¨
    That is correct, but the engine or API must still have support for the functions or the ability integrate or transfer the data.
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    the manual install works perfect, thanks alot
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    I have the launcher on my mac but it has no sound. Does anyone know how to fix that?
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    GLSL shader support please :)
    btw thanks for seperating spout and minecraft :) helps me alot
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    I can't get my server to realize that I have Spout installed. It loads all the pugins (including all Spout plugins and Spout itself) without any errors, but when I log in (using the Spout launcher with a fresh copy of Minecraft), it kicks me for not having the Spout client. I have cleared all the configurations a number of times and I still can't get it to work. I definitely have all of the Spout features, but the server just won't recognize them.
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    We don't support pirated clients/hacks or whatsoever.
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    Imho its bad
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    Hi, just wondering how/if I could get my server onto the Spout Server Browser?

    Thanks In Advance
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    players installed spout and doesnt work for them :( they use spoutcraft launcher
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    Spoutcraft uses right now, but this will most likely change.
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    I already had this issue, but I don't know how I solved it.
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    Please do not link third-party exe and such in this thread.

    A more detailed description of why and any errors would be useful.

    Yes, all I was saying is that what you were requesting would most likely be made as a plugin, not part of Spout. Spout would just handle the custom blocks. Either way, it's a ways off from now and your idea will most likely get lost. Just make a list or keep them in mind and request it when we support custom blocks. :)

    Nice donation bucket. ;) You should work on shrinking the white space in your signature though.

    Unlikely unless your client mods are converted to work as Spoutcraft plugins when we have that available. We are planning on offering launcher customization though in the future.

    Glad you like it! There is a lot we still want to do to improve it and it's speed.

    I don't see what the point would be as all that mineshafter does is offer custom skins and capes. You can do that through a Spout plugin.

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    I don't get this.... I use the spoutcraft launcher, but everytime I try to connect to my server it returns the error "End of Stream" ? How do I get on my server???
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    Are you using 1.0.1 of the plugin and client or a dev build?

    I've heard of Pogic before, but never got around to trying it.

    I guess we should clarify how the features actually work... plugins utilize them, most are not provided within Spout. Spout itself is a framework that other plugins utilize.

    Are you using a dev build of the client AND server plugin or a mix? What versions are you using?

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    well mines work, but other players doesnt, i have spout backpack installed, works for me but them, no, i made the user with spout admins with all commands, doesnt work to
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    The plugin not too sure, I just clicked download server plugin, the client I'm using a normal build because I'm using this for the first time.
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    Something like...

    1. Install Modloader + ModloaderMP (Unofficial 1.7.3).
    2. Then install Spout (use the .zip file, so you can add the files manually)
    3. Add your mods
    4. It SHOULD work.
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    I have an error. Please help. that is said is not up to date :(
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    No, everything will not work because you would have broken part of ModLoader being as you just replaced 2 class files that conflicted. Then you add more mods which will most likely replace class files from Spoutcraft therefore causing more Spout users complaining of errors because of them using client mods that overwrote Spoutcraft classes.

    What is the error exactly?

    Are you using CraftBukkit 1000?

    We should be releasing a new recommended build of Spoutcraft and Spout in the next couple of days hopefully that fixes a lot of issues.

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    o is working now. because when i download a spout.jar is error (cant copy the code not sure why) but when i downloaded latest dev build it worked
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    Yeah, I'm guessing that was the problem, so for now I uninstalled all spout stuff so I can atleast play still :p
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    Can anyone diagnose this problem. Whenever I try to log in to my server to test stuff out, this is what the cmd prompt displays: [​IMG]
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    Here's another idea that (I don't think) should be too complicated...a Spoutified readable book/paper/bookshelf plugin. Maybe it could hide the minecraft UI, and force the player to hold a blank map-styled piece of paper with the book/scroll's contents on the paper. Maybe even multiple pages if you're feeling cocky.

    Just an idea for plugin devs.
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    Please give the various version numbers.

    However, I think your problem is that you are using a <1000 version of CraftBukkit?
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    Upgrade to CraftBukkit 1000 at least?
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    Sorry about that, i completely forgot i was still on CraftBukkit version 953, thanks for the quick responses though :)

    (My server, i just asked spirit to post for me)
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    no, it does not only do that...

    to use it you must have an account at (premium or not doesn't matter!) and at google, link those accounts at and choose a skin and a cloak. than you download the proxy and run it, than you log in using your linked acount and you're in, even if you never bought minecraft...
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