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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    I got an idea: High res skins! (and capes) I've been looking for resources for a cape. I wanted trollface on my cape but none of the images looked good at 11x11. Awesome smiley doesn't look to skippy either.
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    It's already on the issue tracker and planned. :p
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    Orly? I used to refresh the tracker every hour and check for updates but I stopped looking after 1.0.1 came out.
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    It's one of the older ones on page 3 or so of the issues.
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    My client won't let me log in, every time I get the Out of Memory error. Anybody have any ideas?
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    where does spout get its server list from
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    Wulfspider right now. We are working on a better solution though.
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    Any one know when 1.2 is coming out? I can't wait!
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    Or, possibly something to do with a 'force update' option, but I still think hashing's a better method.
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    Name of project: Spout
    Description of issue: Crash
    Steps to reproduce: I logged in and stayed a While.
    Link to error log:

    EDIT: Some Plugins use Spout and couldn't find the SpoutAPI is it Included in Spout?
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    We need fast help!
    We installes Spout for ItemSounds, but we deinstalled ItemSouds and forgott Spout.
    Now we wat to deinstall Spout, but it returns on every Server restart!
    Then it thows a lot of Exceptions and the Server crashes!
    We are going mad!
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    What Plugins do you Use?
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    Lunar Delta

    Simply doesn't work. I put the server plugin in, log in with SpoutCraft, and no chunks load, no commands work, unbelievable lag, and then I get disconnected. Every time. Something is messed up very, very badly.
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    Hmm, I am not really sure how you could login to another server without a loading screen. The Spout plugin does load chunks on connect reasonably fast.

    This would not be a Spout thing. A plugin would be responsible for handling all that.

    For example, a plugin could detect all block updates near the boundary and send them to the other server. It could also send full chunk updates every 30 mins or so, in case, things get out of sync.

    There could be a system like this

    <Server 1's chunks> <common chunks> <Server 2's chunks>

    It is only when the player moves from the common chunks to the other server's chunks that a reload happens.

    If a player went from server 1 to the common chunks and then to server2, there would be a teleport. However, when the player took a step back, they wouldn't teleport back to server 1.

    The server could do the same for entities. However, I am less sure how easy that would be. Bukkit doesn't give an easy way to spawn and control entities.
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    How can i stop Spout from downloading?
    I already deleted all the plugins which require it.
    But it is still downloading.
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    No matter what we do, someone can get around it. The only thing you can do is make it harder.

    Force update won't work if they just remove the update code. A hash of the .jar is probably the easiest.

    The real issue is that the server must have some way to check the cert, and that could probably be used to generate the cert anyway.

    Some other plugin is downloading it.

    Trying removing all your plugins and then add them back one by one. You must have missed one.

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    The Spout launcher is awesome. I like that it remembers servers, and also the chat goes to a new line when you're typing a message. I don't remember either of those features on the vanilla client...

    Great work guys.
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    Essentials (all Parts)
    iConomy + ChestShop
    Spout ?! (Deinstalled 3 Times; returned 3 Times!)
  21. Name of project: Spout
    Description of issue: Player logout on enter
    Steps to reproduce: Logging in from localhost and voila.
    Link to error log:

    EDIT: MC says on connect: "End Of Stream"
    Same result when I deleted ALL plugins except spout.
    Tried both Spout launcher and Vanilla minecraft launcher.
  22. Is it just me or does your pastie link go to

    Edit: Nvm, it works. Sort of, just not by clicking on it.
  23. Sorry, my fail, fixed

    Then let's hope for a bugfix or wait for 1.2

    I planned to film machinima and use MobDisguise, but spout failed...

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    Lunar Delta

    OK, I got it working. Whew. Awesome stuff.
  25. You had same problem?
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    I think it's LogBlock. Try deleting it.
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    Is there any way to block this stupid downloading?
    I don't know which plugin are using Spout.I already downgraded server to times when there was no Spout
    And if spout remains chunks are not visible and MASSIVE LAG
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    Lunar Delta

    I guess I still do. I thought I had it fixed, but it spontaneously stopped working again for no reason. I changed nothing. I can't really use this on my server if it is this poorly coded and unreliable.

    Also, why does it keep downloading Spout even after I've removed all traces of it? That is utterly unacceptable. It almost feels like a violation.

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  29. But hey, do you have Showcase? This plugin autodownloads Spout and NarrowTux lib
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    Lunar Delta

    OK, I see what happened. Somehow a non-dev version got downloaded automatically and overwrote the dev version, which *does* work. I am not sure why or how it did this, but now everything works... again.
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    To be perfectly honest, this is almost the same problem as software developers have been fighting over 'cracked' software. The problem is that it's the client machine that cannot be trusted. Digital signatures and the methodology behind them is based around the safeguarding against a message being tampered by a third party or after the original document has been signed as both the document and its encrypted hash are presented and can be verified by reversing the process.

    That methodology cannot be applied to remotely verifying that a client file has not been modified since you cannot forcibly acquire a copy of the client jar file for verification; the bandwidth use is unacceptable. Alternatively, there's nothing that will prevent a dedicated individual from modifying the verification routine to simply play back the known 'ok' response. Using a 'secure' launcher that's been made tamper resistant to perform the hash computations doesn't solve the underlying issue of an untrustworthy client, it merely obfuscates the problem behind a wall that will have a taller ladder made for it. Even if the intention is to prevent 'casual' modification, something like Minecraft is never safe from just 'casual' modification. Someone will develop a bypass then distribute it for bragging/naming rights.
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