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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Fucking Awesome.

    One of the best plugin's ever.
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    It's not like I hold the copyright the the images I made it from. :p
    You can use it if you'd like.
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    I do but I'm not going to haha. I just want to ask. Now I know if in 100 years if I decide to take the time to make a plugin what to use haha :)
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    Haha okay, but by then we'd be using PayBuddy and games will be using even more pixelated graphics.
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    Geko X

    Name of project: Spout/Spoutcraft

    Description of issue: Freezes on log in.

    Steps to reproduce: Running a fresh server with only Spout 1.0.1, EffectiveArrows 2.3 and SpoutEssentials 1.6.2 on a MacBook running OS X 10.6.7. I then logged in using Spoutcraft 1.0.1 on the same Mac. The whole MacBook then froze.

    The same problem also occurred when running a new server with the same plugins on a PC running XP SP3, and logged in on the MacBook. Both machines froze, but the console came up with a message saying "Running?"

    I then ran a new server using only Spout on both machines. The same problem occurred.

    Link to error log: None, the whole computer freezes and can only be recovered when reset by holding the power button
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    when i tried it it says this:
    The file “Spoutcraft.command” could not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges.
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    I haven't used Mac in ages, but that's the only type I know of the launch it with. Are you a limited user of some sort? Perhaps a Mac user could help you out more than me.
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    Name of project: Spout
    Description of issue: No users can log into the server when Spout is installed with CB version 1046
    Steps to reproduce: Have Spout installed on CB 1046 server
    Error log:
    Misc: Client shows "Disconnected from server | End of stream" a moment after connecting. Happens on SpoutCraft and vanilla minecraft client.
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    Only the latest dev builds of Spout and Spoutcraft are compatible with that CB build as far as I know. Use CraftBukkit build 1000. Users have suggested that builds up to 1032 work as well, but we haven't tested them all.
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    Ah, okay. Only reason I'm using CB 1046 is that MultiVerse 2.0 requires it, and so far it's an amazing upgrade. Any idea when support for 1046 will come out, or am I just going to have to wait for the next CB RB?
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    Please don't post links to .app, .exe, or .jar files compiled or created by yourself in this thread.
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    Okay, sorry. @tony687 As wulfspider said, make sure that you have permissions to run .jar files. Also you can try 'chmod 777 Spoutcraft.jar' and then try executing it. If that doesn't work, make sure that your java settings are correct to execute .jar files.
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    what about a server with MoCreatures, Flan Planes, Flan Teams, all Kaevator's Mods and BetterThanWolfes
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    Yes, in the future
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    I'm waiting specifically on support for new blocks, and an expanded texture map. Don't get me wrong, I already love this plugin and use it extensively. I'd just like more blocks.
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    The day will come. :)
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    1.2, yes? I wait patiently.
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    That's the plan at least!
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    When will they add Mod Support? I wont use this untill then.
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    Client mod support is planned for version 1.2 right now.
    The link to the milestones is listed in the original post.
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    This seems to contradict. My understanding (after looking at the milestones):
    Traditional mods will never be supported. This is intentional. However, new, limited mods (such as client widgets) will be supported in an upcoming version.
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    I cant wait. When i saw this i was amazed. But when i found out it didnt work with mods i stoped using it. When its Fixed with mods i am going to use this. Indefenly!
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    With the launcher, any other client mods that you apply to the minecraft.jar would just be overwritten when the launcher finds an update for Spoutcraft. That is what Afforess is saying basically.

    We don't support nor recommend you use any other client mods with Spoutcraft as most of the time there will be conflicts and errors due to using the same class files and more than likely overwriting them.

    Support for client plugins (client mods using SpoutcraftAPI) will be coming once we have developed it. As of right now, server-side plugins can be made and used that provide client interaction. The server plugins use SpoutAPI.
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    Makes sense.
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    The Launcher will need alot more memory i see :D
    good plugin overall though
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    Shouldn't be much different than running client mods like you normally would.
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    My client downlaoded something , I would guess a spout update ?
    But I don't see a changelog or anything ? ;(
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    Jenkins deleted the version we had on there so I had to promote a new one, but nothing was changed between the builds. It shouldn't happen again as it was merely a misconfiguration as to how long to keep the artifacts (.jar files).
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    I highlighted the error for you... ;)
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