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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Like SMP version of mods ?
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    Ok, I need to ask everyone something. I want MultiVerse 2.

    I have CraftBukkit #1000, MultiVerse 1.7.2, AdminCMD, AntiHack, AutoMessage, BasicHerobrine, BorderGuard, Citizens, CommandBook, CraftBukkitUpToDate,CrowdControl, elRegions, FalseBook, iChat, iConomy, iConomyChestShop, LazyRoad, Lockette, mcbans, Mob Arena, MyHome, MyMessages (Error BTW), NightClub, Pail, Permissions, properTime, Redstone Spawning (Error), ServerSave, SimpleHelp, SimpleReserve, SimpleRestart, SpawnMob, SpawnX, Sphereworld, War, WelcomeMe, WirelessRedstone (Error), WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Zombie Apocolypse.

    Will all of these plugins work with the CraftBukkit version required for MultiVerse 2.0?

    And do I need other plugins to make MultiVerse 2.0 work than whats above? I thought I needed Spout, but I read it didn't work.

    I will appreciate any suggestions about making this work. THANKX. I got major errors last time I tried, so I thought I would ask the forum.​
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    Yes, soon you can use them after we add support.
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    Dude i fucking love u xD
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    can you add mods like zombe fly mod?
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    is there an official release date for that? Cause i would use this instead of regular minecraft launcher for sure.
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    really nice, but the guys on my server is saying:


    that won't happen right?? (spoutcraft-)
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    Please read the OP for bug reporting. What plugins are you using?
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    Show them our source. It's all right there on GitHub. We all own Minecraft and have no desire nor need for theirs.
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    yeah, that's what i thought :D
    VERY nice Pugin :D
    i'm absolutely gonna use this :D
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    Alright, I read back, Wished you had included me in the post, as you replied to my question. Thanks for clearing that up! I'm glad that Client Plugins are indeed being made. Are you going to include Server Control of These Client Plugins? (Meaning - Some C-Plugin called XYZ can be disabled/enabled by the Server.)
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    I couldn't find your post.
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    @Wulfspider Alright. Well, I still read back, so it's all fine. Only a Lazy person would complain. Oh, and you probably don't have an Answer to my second question. One Milestone at a Time Right? I really like Spout by the way. More people should Praise the Dev team for all the work they've put in. :p
    And I'll be learning Java, and I think I'll be able to help people convert APIs. (Or at least offer my Assistance in rewriting Mod Code.)
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    The spout development team offers an official response to @acro123


    The Spout Development team rejects your claims of patent infringement. Your patent was awarded July 25, 2011, however there are numerous and easily accessible evidence of prior art, which would render your patent invalid in the United States (which is where we are based).

    Using a Google search ( server list mod), it reveals that there are at least three examples of existing server list mods, all of which are not based on your work and date prior to your patent date of July 25th. Including your mod and ours, that makes for at least five separate minecraft server list projects. That is not exclusive, by any definition of the word.

    Additionally, Notch (Markus Persson) has publicly stated that the Minecraft 1.8 update would feature a server list modification to the game as well. This statement dates to Nov 25, 2010, long before July 25th of this year.

    In the face of this evidence, we can only conclude you are attempting to use your ill-gotten patent for illegitimate gains. We will not remove the server list from Spoutcraft, nor continue to negotiate with you. You are free to seek legal consul. If you do we will likewise contact the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Mojang Inc for legal support.

    This is the end to this matter on this thread.
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    correct me if i'm wrong here but i'm just trying to get it clear in my head how sprout works.

    SpoutCraft Mods the client to have events much like in bukkit with PLAYER_MOVE ect.
    Spout on the server can then use the events on the client.
    The Events in the Client can be used by client mods when not in multiplayer maybe like a client side plugin folder. thats 100% disabled when in multiPlayer. So clients dont go flying ect with out the server wanting them to do so.

    So that in turn means. Say server owner dont want people flying on the server so he installs no plugin to do so thus no1 in the server can fly. if the server owner wanted some people to fly he could install a plugin and restrict its permissions.

    that above is the only system in my mind that would be perfect. but im open to thinking outside my little box brain :)
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    Its Spout, not Sprout
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    God dam it LOl i need to l2 read lol

    fixed it :D
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    Lucky me, new server.
    So there is only dynmap 0.2 and spout (recommended version /server + user)

    And even on the new pretty empty server it takes a while to load the world.
    (and I dont mean serverside chunks generation).
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    uhm, some of the players on my server haven't bought minecraft, does that mean they won't be able to use the spoutcraft launcher??? do they have to buy the game to use it ??
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    I think there was an adjustment to the graphics engine with Spoutcraft.

    When you walk into unloaded regions does it load instantly? If so, you have the chunks the client just hasn't updated the graphics engine.

    Can you try going to
    Options -> Video Settings -> Details -> Chunk Updates

    You can increase that number to 5
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    Spout doesn't work on my mac (it has mac os 10.5.8 Leopard. i dont own snow leopard or something) please respond.
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    any idea what could be causing this error?

    C:\Users\home-pc\Desktop\server>java -Xms6G -Xmx6G -server -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:
    its causing me issues with permissions and many other things............................
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    Is it possible to get the javadocs in a download like bukkits so I don't have to be online to read them?
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    How does Bukkit do that? I don't see them doing it anywhere. If you are compiling Spout yourself, you could just have Maven do it.
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    I know nothing of coding and things of that nature. So, I'll just ask.

    Will this be able to eventually add support for plugins similar to mo creatures and other custom mods being developed for bukkit through Spout?
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    CuZnDragon In the getting started section JavaDocs Zip

    I am not compiling Spout myself and don't have Maven. I use IntelliJ IDEA
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    Ah, someone else must be zipping and hosting those for them. I do not think Bukkit zips the Javadoc themselves.

    A zip wouldn't be hard. The Javadoc for dev builds change all the time though so you'd have to keep downloading the latest if you want to keep up.

    They've been there the whole time if you knew where to go. ;)
    I'll add easier links.

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    The error log would be useful, however if I had to guess I would say you're not running bukkit 1000
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