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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    wut aboot for the paid minecraft launcher is the user name an password not working atm ?
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    It would be better if you Spoutcraft.jar compile into Spoutcraft.exe, then people like me could choose video card to use (I have integrated card and Geforce 310M and .jar files uses only integrated intel card so it makes me lag).

    Or maybe there is a way to choose which video card run .jar files?
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    as long as it has this nice design. :p
  5. Or customizable design! :D
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    Boon Pek

    No, they made it so that using THEIR launcher is mandatory and using Minecraft's original launcher is obsolete :(

    Wouldn't really make much of a difference. After all, the exe is a recompiled jar. Unless, of course, they implement PARAMETERS! D: I want parameters :(
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    This is a sure-fire recipe for horrible, horrible code.
    I'm staying well away from this plugin for the time being.
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    A option could be to backup and remove the Intel video card drivers then it won't have a choice but to use Nvidia. If you try and convert the .jar to an .exe yourself, watch what programs you download to do it, some nasty ones out there.
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    my players find it lame to download new client :'(
    they don't trust it :eek:
    i don't understand why did you move from the client mod to this ?

    anyway it's nice job and it's very awesome .
    however, keep going guys ^_^
    this is really awesome :D

    Thanks :rolleyes:
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    Spout will eventually allow for both client and MP mods. We're in the planning stages of this.

    Okay, I'll be taking a look into this this evening. I'll also be on IRC most of the weekend in #spout if anyone has questions or want's to talk. (After I get home from work, @ 5 pm EST)

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    Go to and navigate to spoutdev. There are 2 projects that you need to download. Spout (the plugin) and spoutcraft (the client mod).
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    there is a client mod :/ ?
    i thought they only provide luncher ;)
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    that is the same thing for spout >.>
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    Boon Pek

    Or just spoutcraft launcher, for the normal Minecraft launcher proves incompatible.
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    I am going to

    Use the one in the post

    Good for you

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    You can't do that there... There aren't any players.
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    Ah... figures. Where should I put it, on player join?

    (My first time with this... thanks for the help. :p)
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    There is a custom event called onSpoutCraftEnable you could use.
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    The main server speed improvement was inclusion of @Zeerix 's map chunk thread system.

    When the server sends an entire chunk to the player, it compresses it. This is a self contained task, so the change is to move it to another thread. This is done in a way that doesn't affect the data being sent to the client.

    This reduces load on the main server thread when players are logging on and teleporting, since the server has to send a burst of data when that happens. Assuming your server has more than 1 core, you should notice less lag when someone logs on/teleports.

    Another change was that the server prioritizes chunks that are near the player. This really only has an effect if you are moving very quickly. For example, if you use minecart mania to set the cart speed to 5x the normal speed, the cart will travel faster than chunks can be loaded and you will travel off the edge of the map. With this change, the server sends the nearby chunks so that the map is updated. However, the width of the loaded chunks is lower.

    Finally, there is a teleport smoothing change. This makes it so that the target location is loaded before you teleport. This means that when the player arrives they aren't floating in space. This is pretty obvious if you try to teleport with and without the server plugin.

    None of these 3 changes actually require the client mod, they work with the standard client.
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    Thanks! I used onPlayerJoin this time and it worked great, but I probably better use onSpoutCraftEnable for better consistency in the future. :)
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    Any way I can get too many items on this? Or am I jumping the gun?
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    Sorry about that, Listener was seen as to non-specific. Dunno if they are planning any other changes.

    Also, there is now a listener manager. You can obtain access to it using

    This is in preference to using PacketListener.
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    No TooManyItems is incompatible, however someone is working on a port to our GUI API
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    There is a limiter on how fast chunks are actually loaded. Chunks are considered low priority packets. I think it is something like one out of every hundred packets is a low priority packet.

    Actually, the smoothing code is separate and was by me :).

    Zeerix's changes move chunk compression to another thread. It reduces CPU load, but doesn't change packet ordering.

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    ahh, I haven't followed it or the packets much :)
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    Every time I try adjusting sound in the client it crashes with no error report.
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    I will investigate. OS?
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    Again, a non-Zeerix change :), this is a change to how chunk update packets are ordered, chunks within 2 chunks of the player are always sent before any other chunks.

    You will notice that the "track" of chunks is 5 chunks wide.

    The CPU usage drop is probably due to Zeerix's change.
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