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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Using the /reload command in general is about as intelligent as restarting a server by pulling the power cord and pressing the power button to turn it back on.
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  3. Hey, i have some serious problems with the spout updater, it says that i have a invalid username and pass, with the original minecraft i have no problems, I HAVE BUYED IT. i always had spoutcraft installed manually. Is it still possible to download and install it manually? tks in advance

    my computer:
    Core i7 @ 3.4 ghz
    Nvidia GTX 550 w/ latest drivers
    Ram: 6 GB
    Intel SSD 40 GB
    Windows 7 x64 professional w/ latest updates
    latest Java JDK 7 x64

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    The Spoutcraft client already supports custom map height.

    Reloads are not reliable and we do not support them. That's why the message is there.

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    Give us server support oh wise Wulfspider.
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    What must i make to see it in 3d ?
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    With red/blue glasses? The anagraph option in the settings.
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    Why red/blue glasses ? I only want to see the little Block there in 3d.
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    I have a problem as well. Spout, when in my plugins folder, and my server online, doesn't allow anyone to build or break. Let me give a list of my plugins.

    First off: I have Craftbukkit RB 1.0.1-R1
    Spout Build: RB 644
    Plugin list: WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Spout, SimpleRegionMarket, LogBlock, Essentials (GeoIP, GroupManager, GroupManagerBridge, Spawn), all of FalseBook, iConomy, mChat, MobDisguise, Narrowtuxlib, Showcase, and VanishNo Packet.

    When I delete Spout out of plugins, I can break blocks. When its in my plugins folder, I can't. And I'm admin of my server with build rights, and no WorldGuard regions have been set.
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    Oh haha, I missed your first post and thought you were simply talking about the game in 3D. You should really quote the post you are replying to. ;)
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    Oh k sry ^^
    Can anyone help me ?
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    ehh no manual install so my girlfriend can't play with me :( ;/
    but good work and thx for new version for me :D
    //sorry for English
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    Emiya Shirou

    Hmm I haven't used spout craft for a while (just spout) so I'm not aware of this.

    What is that Add-ones tab in spoutcraft client? What do I put there? I don't see any info on that one.
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    For client addons. ;) There aren't many available right now, but there are a couple such as the bMiniMap addon.
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    wulfspider can you please give a link for that minimap.
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    Emiya Shirou

    Any list of those somewhere? Links? Com'on I want to check them out D:
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    Look above your post. ;)
  21. I would like an in game command: "/update" - to update to last recommended
    and "/update dev" - to update to last dev build

    It could be useful and really time-saving.
    Also, hope a day a feature will update player's client to the version wich correspond to the Spout one on server.
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    Hi, I have just one question about spoutcraft, I want to know if it is possible to use spoutcraft WITHOUT the launcher? Because I have my own launcher and I don't really want to change...
    Thanks for your answer!
  23. Someone mentioned a "popular flying mod" that works well with spout a page back ... anyone has name/link ? I'm used to using Zombe client mod which works really well , just not with spout :( And I NEED flying as my server is just me and buddy's on LAN having fun and flying makes it al lot easier to build ...
    Don't anyone say "you can fly with doublejump in creative" as that flying is really really bad ...

    I got a problem with Spout... (using spout x44 and rec build of spoutcraft) on MC 1.0.0 R1 ... my water doesn't render properly, I got lots of chuncks with no water at all and some where it's there but it doesn't "flow" ...
    Tried ticking on/off all water related boxes in the video settings and while I change the box I see it re-renders and I can see the water but as soon as it's done rerendering it dissapears... I can still "swim" in the invisible water..

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    Possible, but not recommended. You have to combine all the current 7 lib jars and the Spoutcraft jar into a clean minecraft.jar for each update.

    Do you have screenshots of it? Also, which recommended build of Spoutcraft.... there have been about 3 in the past day. ;)

    SpoutFlight is about all there is right now. I have no problems with Creative Mode myself and have gotten used to it.

    That's what custom scripts are for and CraftBukkitUpToDate. ;)

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  25. How can you get used to it ? It's not even remotely usuable for anything other then the novelty of flying ... if you stop moving forward you float for a few blocks before you stop, doesn't really promote fast and accurate building does it :)
    I'll check out Spourfly thing there... hopefully it works just as Zombe (which is perfect)

    Anyone know where I cand find a list of spout plugins ? I had a site I used before but it seems to be gone ... and the "plugin" page on the spout wiki is blanc...

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    Search the forums here for "spout" or on ;)
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    Hello. I've got the beta version of minecraft, and i was wondering, is it possible in any way to get spoutcraft on minecraft beta?? -the minecraft u done have to log-in to :)
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    Our launcher has beta 1.8.1 builds under the manual build selection under the Options menu. Simply select a build and login. Manually modding the client is unsupported.
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    I mean, is it possible to use the SpoutCraft without a minecraft Account :)
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    Nope. The Spout team does not support piracy in any way, so you can not play with SpoutCraft without a vaild account. And as Wulfspider said, manual modding is very, very hard as well as unsupported. Go buy the game ^.=.^
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    Rumours has server height mod being done as an addon, any substantiations of this and or eta?
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