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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    I always personally found just hitting up to be a poor way of doing that. It makes it far to easy to accidentally hit it and mess things up. I find the ctrl + up better. Perhaps they could put it under some sort of key bind or someone could make a plugin to allow you to rebind it.
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    We'll most likely be adding key customization for it so everyone can have their way. :p
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    Woohoo! Thank You!
    Keep up the good work :)
  5. I am sorry i do not mean to complain, but what is the point the time scheme when its being ignored OR being
    overly naively setup (time positive) so that deadlines are pushed so long i stopped counting.

    This not meant as any critique but im questioning its practical use OR effectiveness on giving accurate time
    measurement and REALISTIC expectations for the end users.

    Please do not take this as an attack in any way.
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    We are strict adherents to valve time schedules.
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    definitly. So the order is logicaller
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    Getting option for config.yml?
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    To do what? To tell the server to not tell the server to tell the client it wants a screenshot?
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    Force to getting screenshots in a folder.
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    So you are asking for a client setting to disable it, not a server setting.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    I did it nrarly every time, mid message... it was excrutiating T.T


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    You know... there is this nice Edit button on every one of your posts.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @Wulfspider ik, but I'm on my phone and every time i try and click on the post edit text area it clicks behund the widget often the reply text area or a report button -.-, sorry to double post but this phone wont let me edit at all ._. .. I can't scroll to it either, goes right past it, and its not at the end of the when scrolling either..

    Behind* Dx

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    I asking or mean a server setting, which controll the client (similar enabling/disabling Weather, Stars, Time...)
    Enabling on the server, will enable it on sc to send the screens to the server.

    Could the Spoutteam add the setting without additional plugins and the ability for sc to automatically sending if he press f2? I think basic features Spout should have and regulable them. So why is Time, Weather, client button + serverwide Spoutoption available? It's a basic feature too i think. I understand why other things like custom blocks are only via plugins available. But i think the screenshots should run without additional plugins.

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  17. Funny.

    But my suggestion is to always add a later date, then have it magically appear done.

    Maybe a buffer of 3-5 days.

    I wont expect Milestone ONE until January or early February.

  18. Thank you guys for improving performance with the client is now more than usable even get higher fps than usual on lappy and on tower the only issue left is when u enable the smooth lighting slider it impacts performance massivly for being on
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    It's not always possible to keep deadlines when the project isn't the only thing that the whole team deals with. Each team member has things outside of the project that take priority.

    Bugs and unforeseen circumstances also arise as the project progresses which may require additional time and therefore offsetting milestones. Basically it gets done when it's done. Most of the work lately has been focused on getting the site operational and squashing bugs. The majority of the items in the milestones are features, so bugs come first.

    We've talked a little about splitting up the milestones into smaller pre-milestones so that features can be added more quickly, but most of the major features won't be coming till after 1.9 anyways.

    I don't really see the issue as it's an API call. If you don't want something doing it, then don't install the plugin that does it.

    We strive to improve things every day. :)

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    I think we're talking past each other. I wanna asking for a spout setting (from server; config.yml), which allow to send the screens from sc to the server :(
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    Yes, but I am asking why you would need that. You are basically asking for a setting that allows/disallows the client from sending screenshots. There is nothing in the client that automatically sends screenshots of the client's game window. There is only an API that plugins can use to do such. That's all it is as far as I know.
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    It'll be 1.0, again :confused:
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    No, it it will be out of Beta, so it will be just plain 1.0, not Beta 1.9. ;)
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    Mojang has restarted the versioning once before (though many may not remember)

    I believe Alpha went to 1.3(?) and then restarted.
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    I've forgot to mention the "outta Beta" thing :p
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    Same here idk wat to use does any one have 27
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    Spout build 27 is ancient. It is in the hundreds now. Likely the author hasn't updated hasn't updated the plugin in a long time as those CraftBukkit builds are likely incompatible with the latest versions of most other active plugins now.
  28. Thanks for the information Wulfspider
    wolf spider that's a scary thought.
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    so i think spout is very genius, and i have a little question to that. Is it posible to insert new stuff like weapons ore something with spout? ore just edit textures and different recieps for already existing things?
    thanks a lot
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    You can make custom items and blocks and eventually even weapons and custom armor most likely.
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    This is what i have wanted to hear.
    Thanks a lot for super fast reply.:)
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